How to hack the fingerprint scanner in Android in 20 minutes

Fingerprint scanners have become the norm for modern smartphones. Needless to say, even if the public sector price of less than $ 100 have today and dactyloscopy, and even the NFC module, which allows to use them as payment instruments. However, such prevalence has led to the fact that many producers started to consider recognition technology prints yesterday and tried to either replace it at all, like Apple, or improved, by embedding directly in the display, as the Chinese manufacturers. Guess who was right?

The fingerprint sensor is not the best way to protect a smartphone

Probably, everyone who watched “national Treasure” with Nicolas cage in the lead role, I remember how simple his character was in possession of fingerprints of the employee of the national archives. For this he needed a glass, which she touched, and Scotch, which were transferred pattern. Of course, these manipulations are just a figment of the imagination of the writers, and do something like this in real life. At least, it was impossible before, but the experts of the Chinese company Tencent, specializing in research in the field of cybersecurity, was able to repeat this trick, even more technologically advanced way.

How to hack the fingerprint scanner

Hack fingerprint scanner possible. It costs only $ 140

Chen Yu, head of X-Lab, which studied ways to bypass the protective mechanisms of fingerprint sensors, said that he and his colleagues managed to photograph on the smartphone is a fingerprint left on a glass, which after special treatment were materialized. Craftsmen did not specify how exactly they managed to obtain a physical embodiment of the print, but specify that spent $ 140 and 20 minutes of pure time. Most likely, they have used a 3D printer, like the enthusiast, which is managed in a similar way to bypass the lock Galaxy S10.

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According to Yu, the imprint they were able to, allowed to remove the lock with three smartphones and two unnamed devices that are protected with a fingerprint sensor. Interestingly, the expert said, to hack not only managed ultrasound scanner built into the screen, but also physical, which are placed on the body of the smartphone. This means that in theory the integration of the scanner display doesn’t make it any less reliable, or more secure. Unlike facial recognition technology.

It is easier to crack Touch ID or Face ID

Oddly enough, around the same way the protection provided by hardware sensors face recognition, if not impossible, then how much more difficult. It is known that the Taiwanese company Bkav has been able to deceive the interface Face ID in iPhone X, using three-dimensional mask conditional of the owner, printed on a 3D printer. They could even mimic the openness of the eyes, paint them with oil paint and thus confirming that the hack Face ID is quite real.

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Another thing is that in order to print a human mask on a 3D printer, it’ll just take a picture of his face on the smartphone. Bkav experts to achieve maximum similarity, they had to use multiple professional cameras, which made a few consecutive shots from different angles. Then these pictures are combined in a special editor on the computer and only then gave to the press. Needless to say, that to repeat it would be difficult not only from a technical point of view, but also with the material.

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