How to hide apps on your phone Android


To enable you to complete your privacy on your mobile phone in several ways will be with her in the end to hide the application or more about your phone, those apps that you don’t want anyone to know of their existence or see a trail I don’t if what I said by browsing your mobile phone.

What we’re offering here of ways to hide applications on Android phones are compatible with all phones, whether running Android raw Stock or those of its owner the validity of the root Root.

How to hide apps on Android phones

The first way : using the line of the famous Apex Launcher

This includes the line feature are masking applications by default through the preparation of its, which requires you to download it and the choice of the Klan spread to Prime on your mobile phone.

To download the app from the Google Play Store:


Run the application and adoption as a front to charge your phone, you will find the stop for the player to App Settings on your home screen, then press it through the tab Drawer Settings Guide to Hidden apps.

Will line to view all installed applications on the phone, working on a news app or apps that you want hidden and then press Save Save.
This way when you reach the list of apps installed on your phone you won’t find for the mentioned effect. In order to reach it when I wanted without the requirement to come to show, work through the list and via the search option Search, type the name of the app.

Second method : using the line Go Launcher

It is of beneficial applications in many advantages among which masking applications. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store since is one of the oldest line of popular trying to the number of conversions the limits of the 100 million.


When you install the application and adoption as the head of the Hava mobile, head to the app list, including the press prolonged on the app you want to hide.
You’ll find the top menu option to hide to Hide. Working on pulling the application out there.

Ask the spread here that you want to protect the app with a password “pattern” Pattern, complete the options to the end, and here, to get this app to hidden later, work to return to the main screen of the phone where you will find the administration on behalf of the Tool is continued to spread . It is through which when pressed, choose Hide App.

We have here a drawing pattern protection Pattern to get to the hidden applications.


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