How to hide conversations in WhatsApp

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The application WhatsApp add new features to the app continuously, and now and then show the new feature adds on to the messaging application most popular in the world, where we share more new with you and also some tips and tricks that can be used in the application.

How to hide conversations in WhatsApp

While WhatsApp does not have a mechanism included to lock the app or hide even talks of using a password, but you can use the feature to archive chats, where this feature allows you to put all the chats that take place under the menu “archive”.

May be this is a good way to hide your chats from prying eyes, however, you must consider these things while you hide the chat by using this method.

First, if you received a new message in a series of chat conversations archived, it will change automatically from the list of “archive” will be visible such as a chat regular.

Secondly, the chat in the archive is just a simple way to hide the chat, not the best.

To hide the chat, press and hold on the chat you want to archive, then click on the icon of the archive located in the left corner of the top bar in the screen, after that you will get a popup window at the bottom of the conversations is called conversation in the archive.

You are viewing the chat was archived, scroll down the conversations on your home screen in WhatsApp and then click on the chat was archived, and cancel the archiving of a conversation, you have the beginning access to the conversation, and then by holding down on the conversation archived after that click on the option to cancel the archive located at the top left of the screen.

The application allows you to install up to 3 talks, this will be the chat is always present above other chats, even if you receive a new message in a thread the other, you won’t change the chat installed its place, to affirm the chat, hold down on the conversation and click on the PIN icon, The to uninstall by press and hold on the chat installed and press on the uninstall option.

How to hide conversations in WhatsApp

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