How to hide photos on your phone from prying eyes

The privacy of your pictures and videos is, perhaps, no less important than not giving into the wrong hands credit cards. Suffice it to recall the numerous scandals with the leaked photos online. Yes, and your storage of photos — it’s your personal life, to put to which each passer not the best idea. Now we will tell you how to hide the photo so that they did not see those who do not.

It is worth noting that some manufacturers of smartphones on Android provide this feature out of the box. Besides some time ago we considered a separate program to hide files. But now we know how to hide photos and videos from the gallery using third-party applications.

AppLock is equipped with various functions with its own safe browser files and protected data store. After downloading the program, you can set a password on this app and selecting “masking” the program can imitate the browser, a program to check the battery and so on. In the program, you will find 2 tabs: photos and videos. Clicking on the “+” icon in the lower right corner, you will be able to add photos or videos of your galerei. After moving to AppLock, the gallery added photos will not be available.

We have already told about this program. It is very similar to the previous, but has a few differences. First, as the name suggests, the program masquerades as a calculator. Second, the password then you can use much more complex (4 to 12 characters). And thirdly, there is a lock function with specific applications. To do this, click on the “Block app”, select it from the list and block access to it. Adding photo to a block list is performed similarly to the previous program.

Also very similar to the two previous program. Also has the function of locking individual apps, but realized it is more convenient than in the previous instance. After downloading the program you will also need to set a password. You should also register your e-mail in case you the password forget. The “+” icon in the lower right corner adds photos and videos from the gallery in the vault. After pressing the button “Hide” your images will be successfully moved from the gallery in the vault.

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