How to hide pictures videos on Android?

Our phones have become filled with lots of pictures and videos in large numbers, especially with the increase of storage spaces interior and external, or making one touches your phone and you don’t want to see a certain image, and in these cases you have a choice of two, either you are using an application to hide files that you don’t want to appear in the photo gallery or video, or use one of the other methods that don’t require apps, a easy ways to use it in this article in detail in case you want to hide photos or videos.

How to hide photos in the photo gallery directly?

If you want to make pictures that you don’t want them choose whether WhatsApp images, or image Thumbnails, music or other you should follow this direct method. In order to hide the images in a particular folder go to the folder and create a file MY BOOK format txt and name it “.nomedia”. Now you can browse the gallery without the images that there is no benefit from her appearance.

How to hide a specific image on Android?

The first way allows you to easily hide the photos you don’t want to appear in the photo gallery, but if you want to hide a particular image or also so no one sees us or video also, there is another way to do it. Connect your phone to your computer and create a folder name “.hidden” and then put out a text file .txt as “.nomedia”. After that you have to do to move the picture or pictures that you want to hide to this folder, thus you’ll find pictures and videos like he cleared them from the phone, only you know their place of course.

Trick application VLC to show videos hidden

There is a trick Additional in-app VLC can make your unit can display video hidden inside the app and thus be hidden the videos at the same time providing for easily accessible without complicated tools. The truth is simply to go to the area hidden by the videos and do a Refresh to show videos and hidden easily.

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