How to hide the ads from Google search results in Chrome

It seems that all have already got used that the first link in the Google search engine, as a rule, is advertising. They exist so long ago that active users have learned to ignore them, but to others it could deliver some inconveniences. It does not cost anything to poke by mistake on an advertising link instead of the usual and spend a lot of time trying to understand what the open web page has little relevance to what they are really looking for. Show you how to hide these links in your search results.

Google Chrome on Macbook Pro

The method that we want to offer you, will only fit the users browser Google Chrome. No, not because Google makes an exception for their clients in mountain view, I believe you do not know this word, and because Google Chrome is the only browser which has support for extensions NoDisguisedAdsAnymore (download).

Extension for blocking ads in Google

This extension works is utterly simple. To begin to block ads in search results, simply download it from the Google Chrome Store. It does not even need to configure, because NoDisguisedAdsAnymore fully Autonomous. However, your first search in Google will pass without annoying advertisements. Well, at the very least an eyesore, it will not be.

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Here is with active NoDisguisedAdsAnymore. Extension instantly recognize the ads that Google shows in search results, and hides her.

Block ads in Google search

Thus we immediately see where you placed the ad and search. As a result, you will probably know that information on the page that you have opened, are not influenced by the sponsor and, therefore, more objective.

Best ad blocker

Download NoDisguisedAdsAnymore

Unlike traditional ad blockers, which are forced to disappear in General all advertising, NoDisguisedAdsAnymore is acting less radical. Moreover, it does not block the display of ads to Google, but I brightens them, thus creating the impression of inactivity, and does not preclude the display of other advertisements which depend on the economies of many sites.

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