How to improve the Apple Music service?

Streaming Apple Music service debuted in 2015, and since then continuously improved. For all time of its existence, the service has undergone numerous changes. Basically the improvements have affected the external appearance of the music platform, but there were imperceptible at first glance, the change. For example, not so long ago Apple Music have the opportunity to preview the upcoming albums and singles and their expected date of their release. This is certainly a useful innovation, but what do you expect from Apple Music users themselves?To improve the section For You.

According to participants, in the “For You” there are several problems:

  • Long time loading collections. Even on fast computers, not to mention the smartphones, the download time may exceed all acceptable norms. This problem is not in sight at the main competitor of Apple Music — Spotify.
  • Personalized recommendations — it is up to music streaming service from Apple has once again significantly inferior to the algorithms Spotify.
  • Inefficient use of screen space. Great text, great cover nullify all usable space.

Collaborative playlists

Despite the fact that Apple Music, you can create collaborative playlists, this feature is not as popular due to the lack of a number of possibilities. For example, you cannot share the created playlist in the “Family access” or via iMessage.

The ability to “pin” your favorite albums, playlists or radio stations

Feature that allows you to lock specific songs, albums or radio stations to Apple Music, no doubt would be popular. But it is worth it to wait in future updates of the service?

Home tab

Another useful option that would be very handy is the ability to choose the section that will open when the application starts. Such a simple add-on would significantly save time and simplify navigation.

What in your opinion should change in the Apple Music? Let me know in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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