How to improve the performance of your favorite apps on Galaxy S9

Despite the high performance of the Snapdragon 845, component hardware based Galaxy S9, many applications on the flagship smartphone Samsung can work even faster. It is sufficient to configure them properly in the program Game Tuner.

Application Game Tuner was developed and released by Samsung Electronics specifically for branded smartphones. It allows you to change the settings of third-party software, including screen resolution and frame rate, to reduce power consumption and increase performance.

To experience the advantages of Game Tuner, download it from Google Play and install it on your device. This does not necessarily be the owner of the flagship Galaxy S9. The app is compatible with most smartphones and tablets South Korean manufacturer of current generations.

After you install Game Tuner go with non-game applications and add those programs whose performance you want to improve. Now go to settings and select resolution and frame rate, which will run the selected program.

Dropping the resolution will be lower load on the processor, increasing application speed and more efficient spending battery life. In addition, the number of types of configurations, there is the possibility of “smart” adjustment permission, depending on the charge level.

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App: Game Tuner

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 102 human

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