How to increase battery life of smartphones Huawei

Ensuring high efficiency electronics directly affects the user experience, confident in Huawei. To do this, engineers equipped with branded smartphones range of “smart” modes of managing resources of the apparatus, helping out regardless of the interaction scenarios. How to correctly use them — in the material

Managing running applications


This function is responsible for identification of running applications and processes, artificially limiting their numbers and allowing you to use the most optimal power saving modes. To activate it navigate to the app “Manager phone” — “Battery” — “Running applications” and select the appropriate configuration.


Screen resolution


Also see “Battery” is present, the add-in “screen Resolution”. It allows you to manually configure the display resolution to reduce energy consumption. If you choose the “smart” adjustment, the system will self-change this figure depending on the smartphone task.



A feature called “Optimization” is a scanner which identifies energy-intensive processes running on the device, prompting the user to stop the most voracious. For example, the system can suggest turning off GPS and auto sync, enable an earlier transition to sleep mode or turn off the auto-rotate screen.

Auto brightness

Many users sin that shift the responsibility for adjusting brightness of the display on this function in all situations. Often, it really helps out, but not in the sun. Under the bright rays of the light sensor gives the smartphone the command to turn the brightness to max, which can lead to overheating of hardware components and a more rapid discharge of the device. Disable the auto brightness if you want to extend the battery life.

Manually stop applications


Some applications, even working in the background, consume more energy than in moments of activity. In order to provide the smartphone maximum level of autonomy, it is recommended to go to the “Settings” — “Applications and notifications” — “Applications” and force stop all the programs that potentially can harm the battery.

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