How to increase internet speed via Cloudflare DNS new

Cloudflare DNS

A few days ago announced iCloud flair of America, specialized in the field of content delivery networks and domain names, from the service Cloudflare DNS consumer. Which I promised speeding up Internet connection while maintaining more privacy.

The company says that the service DNS will be fastest in Internet use with a high specificity, the specificity of Open DNS and Google DNS existing already. Focused Cloudflare heavily on the side of privacy in the new service with the promise to erase all records of queries of the interior within 24 hours.

What is the DNS?

Is the word short for Domain Name Server, any server says is associating the name of the site with the IP in order to facilitate the process of browsing on the internet. Each location has private IP, instead of to save his IP and type it in each time you want to browse a particular site will just write the name of the site is evidenced by the DNS to convert to IP quickly.

How to increase internet speed feature new Cloudflare DNS :


  • He moved to Settings > Network and the internet.
  • Access to its associated network, whether Wi-Fi or wired.
  • Click right-mouse on the air on network and choose Properties.
  • Look for the version of the Internet Protocol 4 and click on the option twice the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
  • Modify the DNS addresses to at the top, and in the bottom.
  • Click on OK and then restart the web browser.

Mac system:

  • Moved to System Preferences.
  • Look for the DNS Servers.
  • Modify the DNS addresses to and
  • Click on OK and then restart the web browser.

System for iPhone:

  • He moved to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  • Select Wi-Fi to access its settings.
  • Switch to tab Configure DNS and select Manual instead of automatic.
  • Disable the server first to
  • Add Surfer W


  • He moved to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  • Select Wi-Fi to access its settings.
  • Enter the iP addresses in your bar of the browser.
  • You may be prompted to enter the database password, add the user name and password of the router.
  • In the router configuration page, locate the settings of the server DNS.
  • Replaced addresses to and
  • Save your settings, then restart the browser.

According to the company will be DNS of your Cloudflare, support for both DNS-over-TLS, and DNS-over-HTTPS, the company hopes to support HTTPS soon for more browsers and operating systems that support the Protocol. It will take a new system response 14ms compared to 20ms service of OpenDNS and 34ms to GoogleDNS so it’s faster processor DNS to consumers.


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