How to increase the autonomy of an Android smartphone?

Autonomy is extremely important if we are talking about criteria for the evaluation of the device. Smartphones today offer good capacity. For example, not so long ago Motorola introduced the Moto G7, which is characterized by a battery of 5000 mAh. It is enough for 3 days of work, so any optimization owners may not think about. But what if the smartphone does not live till evening?

In this case, a good option would be disabling the mobile Internet. But who wants to constantly take care of it? Remember a situation when at work or home with Wi-Fi enabled smartphone sometimes switched to the mobile network. We’ve all been there. The device is not automatically switched to LTE, you must disable the option “do Not disable mobile Internet”.

To do this, go to settings, then to “About phone”, click several times on build number and the system will activate the developer mode. Next, go to the “System”, click on “Advanced” and go to the section “For developers”.

Further, scrollin until then, until you stumble on the settings section of the network. There we will find the item “do Not disable mobile Internet” — it should disable.

Now the smartphone will not “pull” 4G modem and keep it active.

How to improve the autonomy?

  1. Use a dark Wallpaper;
  2. Reduce the screen brightness;
  3. Activate the battery saver mode of the battery;
  4. Use as little as possible Bluetooth devices;
  5. Possibly include the “In plane”.

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