How to increase your effectiveness on Twitter

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How to increase your effectiveness on Twitter

Unlike Facebook, some find their comfort on social media in a Twitter application for the Mini, which seems to even active it have a queen dialogue and debate, by more than in most other social media functions, and on top of Facebook (of course) .

Queen? Yes, you’re here talking to include and in the range of 280 characters only, Yes, I doubled that number to Infinity using the method of delivery (the), but the majority still adhere to the number of letters the previous 140 character, what it means to be clear and very straightforward in your comments.

What goals to you in this article? Just tips, maybe some know it, and cook it, too, will help you over time increase the effectiveness on Twitter, Gain Followers The Real new players and enrich the discussions continue .

Cost even see you

This old proverb is very clear in the Twitter and become a Advice. first, it is not reasonable to call to establish an account on Twitter train-watching just after, or just prepare tweets and admiring, Talk, Talk, Learn to open topics and express your thoughts clearly, and a commitment also.

Chose the right timing to tweet

Link your tweets to the timing of certain permanent maybe gives you the advantage when trading the two consists in the impression for being an organization at a time and your use of Twitter, but note that the discussion of some of the events around you, if you are interested in this type of debate, maybe he intends to Twitter at the right time, too .

Take a look at and always

From time to time, try pressing the number sign and the bottom of the app is to know about anything that moves Twitter in your geographic area, click on the symbol on the feathers too if you have anything to add to any of the and popular, without a copy of the tweets again, without overkill for that and you like it.

Tweet representing you

Your character of your tweet, not only on the scope of the content but the form, too, spoke in sound, even if it was slang, not Easter, and fall into the trap of shopping all because of Twitter up to the minute not allow of the amendment on Twitter, and I follow Twitter full time.

Think before you decide

Don’t be a tweet then deleted it for reasons not water, that means I’ve decided and then I thought, Is it safe to think and then decide, if I wrote an opinion you don’t like him, even if it turns out you’re wrong, but the correct information or I think in one of the replies on Twitter .

Patron rules of Twitter

Less than 1% of the visitors to the website agree to use the site in accordance with the terms of the writes are approved without the read, and Twitter in turn has a set of terms to use maybe you should read it once at least from here .

Don’t listen to areas or re-tweets or likes

Under any circumstances don’t you beg someone to follow you or ask for re-tweets you, you tweet as I told you, make the theme alone is the best way to follow you or re-tweet them or admiring them .

Pictures? Possible, of course.

Twitter is not an optimal place to put personal photo or family in general, best suited to you go to Instagram, but the images stating that supports your tweets might increase the attraction .

Chose carefully who you follow

Twitter community big open, you’ll find who agree and disagree with you on things many, check the Check good can follow and tweet behind and give it likes, because all of these things will identify your profile.

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