How to install Android apps on the phone from the computer

May chance sometimes to work on the search for applications for your phone mobile through your desktop PC and during the process of research to the Google Play Store where the product default get applications.

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Here, but you used the Chrome browser in the case of access to your accounts on Google , you will find that installing applications from your computer is not hard to do, as it allows you Google access to your mobile phone to install those apps without the need to run Google Play Store on your phone and then re-search for the same app.

We can with you here how to install any Android app directly through the computer or laptop.

How to install Android apps from computer

  • How to install Android apps from computer
  • First open the Google Play Store on the browser via your PC.
  • Then write down the name of the application you want to install it on your phone.
  • When you find it click on the word install the application to work or Install in English based on the default language that you use.

  • After that it will open a new screen asking you to choose which device you want to install the app where it needs to Google the names of types and all the hardware of the phone that suggested by a long time.
  • Click after the choice on the word installation Install.

  • After that wait a little bit where the app is installed on your device once the download is complete will be a message stating that, and then click on OK.

  • After that go to your mobile phone will be in the notification bar that the app has been installed on your phone.
  • In case you didn’t find the app, run Google Play Store on the phone will be under installation.

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There is a way that you can follow-up what you download and follow all your work on the computer is to open Google Play on your phone in conjunction with the slot on the computer and begin downloading the program, when the download is finished you will be shown was at the same time on the phone and the computer with.

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