How to install Android apps outside the Google Play Store

Needs Google Play Store on everything you need to find apps and download them to Android, but unlike iOS, gives you Android the option to install apps from other places, and now and then can be this level of freedom is useful, for example you are looking for an application not available in your country, or perhaps stop to experience the update has been announced recently for an application that has not been asked to you yet, you might even want to find an old version of the app, if it is determined that the last update was a problem.

In general before to learn the way of the best Palace activity download the app on the Play Store as accurately as possible, so that, contrary to popular belief says Android for scans apps that are downloaded from sources external actors (since 2013), but the layers of protection is less comprehensive in nature outside of the Google Play Store, so the odds of encountering something that might hurt your device’s incoming, so the use of sources of external actors only as needed, and only when you are confident that you are downloading from the reliable place.

How to download apps on the Android outside the Google Play Store

كيفية تثبيت تطبيق على Android غير موجود على متجر Google PlayHow to install apps on Android not on Google Play Store

Select your application open the in your phone’s Browser, There are many markets apps Android not official, but is running this market on that site by the same people who run the blog Android Police, where they check all applications to make sure they file a legitimate and non-modified signed by the parties concerned, and publish only apps Trusted Android developer on staff, outside of the Google Play Store this site enjoys a good reputation.

Use the search box at the top to find the app you want and select it, if the application contains multiple versions available, you’ll see them listed by version number date of version, Press the version which you want, and then click the name of the file (below the header “Download”) and click on the red button “Download APK” at the bottom of the next page, it will warn you your phone from the risks of installing unknown applications and ask you to allow downloading, press the “OK” button to continue.

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Look in the notification panel for confirmation of the download is complete, tap the notification to start the installation, your phone will prompt you to allow the installation of applications is not known whether at the level of the entire system if you are using an older version of Android, or for your browser only if you use (Android 8.0 (Oreo or higher version, click on the “Settings” link in this box and then activate the switch on the screen that appears. Press the “back” button, it will claim asking you to confirm your desire to install the application, whether new or as an update, if you already have the app, tap on “Install” once the installation is complete you will see the confirmation screen, you can open your app from that screen, or by finding the icon in your app drawer.

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