How to install APK file on Android

Every owner of a device running the Android operating system, sooner or later faces with the acronym APK. What is it? Why do I need this file on my smartphone or tablet? What does it install? All these questions inevitably arise in a person who recently acquired an Android device, but not yet fully understand all the subtleties of his work. In this post we will try to explain everything is available, answering the most popular questions about why you might need APK and how to install it.

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What is the APK file?

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Every Android application consists of many different files. So it can correctly be installed and run, the developers special way to “collect” all components of the application in one large executable archive file, which is called APK (Android Package Kit).

The applications packaged in the format of APKuses the Android operating system for distribution and installation. Most of the users are using to download the Google Play Store, but there are other ways.

Why you might need to install the APK file?

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File APK often distributed a new “build” of the operating system Android, which is not yet available for a particular model of smartphone. In addition, it happens that some apps are only in certain regions, but not in your, so you can download them from the Google Play Store is impossible. Even for the money. The only option is download and install the APK in a roundabout way.

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It’s often easier to download the latest version of the desired applications with a single APK file that is already integrated all the updates, than to wait until they become available through the app store, and then long and tedious to pump them out. It also happens that you do not like the new version of a certain program, and you update it to the latest version, decide that it was better before. In this case, you can download your desired version of the program packaged in the APK file.

How to test APK files apps for Android for viruses

Some Chinese Android devices do not have access to the Google Play Store. In this case, to obtain and install new application is possible only with the help downloaded from an external source of APK file. It happens that a user accidentally deletes the application from the Google Play Store. To load it back, you will also need the APK file with this program.

It is worth noting that when you download the APK files need to follow precautions. Some APK files may contain malware, Malware and other nasty and non-obvious “bonuses”. You should also avoid downloading and installing pirated versions of software is illegal.

How to understand that on your smartphone installed malware

Before downloading you should carefully examine the site, which is the right APK file. If in doubt, better a bit longer to find the desired file, or to consult with knowledgeable people who will advise a proven resourcefrom which to load the application.

Install APK with your Android device

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For installation of the APK file is usually not required anything except the tablet or smartphone on Android, in which you need to install a particular program. To do this, you should a little to prepare. First go to Settings and choose there the tab “Security”. Next, put a check mark in the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”. This will allow to put apps from the Google Play Store, but also from other sources. Just what you need! In newer versions of Android procedure may vary. Sometimes the system is already in the process of installing apps from APK file asks the question about whether the user permits it to do. You need to solve, otherwise it will not work.

Now that the preparations are complete, you just need to open the browser, find the APK file, upload it to the device and then run it to install the application. Remember where you downloaded the file. This is usually the Downloads folder if the download was not chosen a different path. Finding the downloaded file, simply click on it and then agree to the installation, clicking “Yes”. The application will be installed. Ready!

Install APK using computer

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Not everyone likes to poke a finger in the small smartphone screen, trying to get to the desired letter, driving the program name in a search engine, so many people prefer to download everything on a computer. This too is no big deal.

Need to find the APK file and then download it into any folder of your computer. You will connect the PC to the Android device on which you intend to deliver the application. Then, when the internal memory or memory card the device is opened in a separate folder to move the APK file. Do not forget exactly where he moved, not to spend too much time looking. Next, press the downloaded APK file, to agree to start the installation and wait for the process to complete. That’s all!

On the Internet there are many sources of APK files. The main thing — to choose a resource with a decent reputation, in order to minimize the possibility of infection of the file with viruses or downloading pirated software. One of such sources is called APK Mirror. Usually it can safely and quickly download the desired APK file, but it is better before downloading read the comments of users.

If you know of other reliable sources and can share useful experience install APK — welcome to comments. Do not forget that discuss news possible and in our telegram chat.

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