How to install Google services on Android Huawei and 11: week

This week Donald trump changed my mind again and allowed Huawei to using Google services. In addition, Google announced Android 11, and Android maker unveiled its new smartphone. Do you think any of these news the most interesting? If you do not know, I advise you to read them and other news this week, collected it in the final release. Begin?

OnePlus 7T is Pro not like the OnePlus 7T, and it’s weird

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Presentation Google Pixelbook. Coming soon!

Not so long ago we wrote you about what the next incarnation Pixelbook from Google may be waiting for us soon. If you missed this material, we recommend to subscribe to our page in Yandex.Zen in order not to miss out on all the fun from the world of mobile technology. In any case, it seems that our suspicions were not far from the truth, because in the hands of our colleagues from the portal 9to5Google got a “live” pre-release sample Pixelbook. And we are ready to tell you about what it is.

Looks like we are still waiting for the new Pixelbook very soon

Expected date of announcement of the device to 15 Oct 2019, and there is already almost no doubt. Because creating such a believable-looking “duck” in less than a week before the expected release of the device just makes no sense. Portal 9to5Google has provided a bunch of photos (and this is clearly not prerendered, and the present device in the hands of real people), which can be accessed by you.

The laptop looks pretty good

Pixelbook Go (and most likely it will be called so) has a rubberized lower part of the body. The body of the album looks like in pink, but with almost 100% probability it can be argued that there will be other color options. It is possible that they will relate to the colors of the upcoming Pixel 4.

The pink color will satisfy not everyone, but certainly there will be other options

The upper part of the notebook has a smooth matte finish, similar to the one that was in a “pixel” on mobile 2 version. Also has 2 USB-C port and a headphone Jack (which is rare today!), as well as a 13.3 inch display. But it would be strange if our hands on new journalists “would have climbed under the hood”. And they did, giving us the complete technical specifications of the model:

  • Processor — Intel Core m3, i5, or i7 processor depending on configuration.
  • 8 or 16 gigabytes of RAM.
  • SSD of 64, 128 or 256 GB to store files.
  • 2 front speakers.
  • A 2-megapixel front camera with a resolution of 1080p running at 60fps.
  • The latest versions of Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Aspect ratio 16:9 screen with support for Full HD and 4K, and the technology of “Molecular Display”.

Looking at the above characteristics, as well as the appearance of the device, we can expect quite a competitive and productive “monster.” However, until now, unsolved question remains the price. It can both please and surprise, because in recent years the company only doing that increase the cost of their gadgets.

Rubberized case — quite a bold decision

Also this leak forced once again to think that what is — and is not all this well-planned public relations company itself Google? Because such a large company are very much ensure to develop remained in “native walls”. And I believe that in factories assembling gadgets working secretly photograph collected by the device. But when in the hands of the portal gets a full-fledged laptop (even though it was a prototype, what do some of our colleagues) Willy-nilly, begin to build “conspiracy theories”. What do you think?

Huawei will to live. Google services back

A ban on the use of Google services in their smartphones, Huawei has become a big problem. As soon as the news swept through the media, sales of branded devices, the company has sharply gone on recession, and some very timid people began to get rid of even already purchased devices brand. Because you never know what might happen, they reasoned, these people were right. However, not in the sense that they are invested in their arguments. After all, Google can get back into the smartphone Huawei very soon.

Huawei will work again with Google services. Well, I guess

According to the New York Times, the Bush administration is preparing the license package for Huawei, which will allow it to resume cooperation with American businesses. In the list of companies with which Huawei will be able to work together, will include all the organizations, but only those who are engaged in the production of “sensitive products”. While it is unclear what exactly will be included in the exception list, but most likely it will be Telecom equipment, to which Google services are not, and therefore, access to them, the Chinese are likely to return.

Partial withdrawal with Huawei restrictions that were imposed on the company due to sanctions, is a kind of prelude to large-scale trade deal between the US and China. And since Huawei is to China is extremely significant enterprise, its success is very important for the government. Therefore it is logical that the Chinese authorities insist, to begin any negotiations on cooperation, in which the Americans are no less interested, if not a complete lifting of sanctions with Huawei, at least with relief.

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For Huawei, it is extremely important to regain the right to set the Google services on their smartphones. Indeed, in the absence of Google Play, Google Pay and other popular services the search giant users buy flagship Mate 30 with obvious reluctance. Despite the fact that Huawei has reported a steady demand for new, sale is only good in China, where Google services are still not available. But in Russia and Europe where the search giant is probably the key component of any Android smartphone, even 30 Mate not for sale.

However, the resumption of relations between Huawei and Google is notable not only from the point of view of business development of Chinese companies, but also from the standpoint of psychology. In the end, it is unclear how the Chinese will react to the fact that now they will return to access Google services, the replacement of which they are so hard to develop. But, to be honest, Huawei clearly has spent a billion dollars on a project ecosystemin which there are no Google services.

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However, manual Google could insist that the company, agreeing to use Google Mobile Services, signed a waiver to develop their own services. Otherwise, Google for the lack of such a Pact could result in serious problems in the future. After all, who was imprisoned under the wing of the search giant, only a few Huawei may voluntarily abandon its services, because it will have their own services with whom it will compete with Google.

Android 11. The first information

The tradition of the presentation of the new versions of Android, followed by Google, is quite unusual. Instead of having to first submit the update to the public, and then open it to test, the search giant should be exactly the opposite. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the beta test Google is starting even in the winter, and officially represents the operating system closer to the summer. However, this year the company decided to change myself, and — strangely enough — to tell about the Android 11 just a few weeks after the release of Android 10.

Google canceled the release of one of Android features 10 and moved it to Android 11

Android 11 will be the theme of the conference is Android Dev Summit 2019that Google organizes every year for development under Android. This is stated on the invitation that the company sent to the participants. Even Google is not afraid to speak the name of one of the features of the upcoming updates. It seems that this generally occurred for the first time in several years, because usually the company preferred to hold the description of innovations and especially their names before the official presentation held at the conference Google I/O.

In this case we are talking about a function Scoped Storage, whose title can be translated as “scope”. Essentially, this means that Google plans to limit each application installed on the device, the individual space on the disk. It does not allow them to encroach on the sections of memory allocated to another software. The result is a kind of isolation in which each program is located in the cell, beyond which can not.

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It is assumed that Scoped Storage will help to eliminate instances of cross-data collection, when one application accesses the information from another. Previously, it was regulated by a system of permissions, but it didn’t work too effectively. Most of the users distributed the installed applications any privileges as a result of inertia, not getting a grasp in the queries. As a result, one program can intercept unencrypted data from another and use them for personal purposes.

But where such candor, you ask? After all, it would make more sense not to disclose all the ins and outs of the upcoming innovations in public, and reserved it exclusively for developers who have to adapt their applications will work under the requirements Scoped Storage. But there is just all logical. Actually Scoped Storage was supposed to debut in Android 10, but the developers said, Google that do not have time to optimize the software, requesting additional time.

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How effective is a show Scoped Storage is not clear yet, but something tells us that its implementation will not change anything fundamentally. The fact that the time integration of this technology depends on developers to provide full control over the execution of the established requirements Google most likely will not succeed. So almost certainly someone something goes wrong and those applications whose creators misinterpreted the guidelines, will be in danger of hacking.

OnePlus 7T Pro

A characteristic feature of the Chinese smartphone manufacturers — a wide range. They are ready to crush the same smartphone, releasing its improved and simplified modification with a slightly changed index name. That is strange, most likely an attempt to take the number of fires and creating among consumers a sense of choice, provokes an increase in demand. On the background of the OnePlus for some time looked like the black sheep, but in the end gave up and also started to rivet the same smartphones, changing their names only the letters.

OnePlus 7T Pro — almost a complete copy of the OnePlus 7 Pro

This week, OnePlus unveiled its new flagship, the OnePlus 7T Pro. The novelty became the second office of the company belonging to the series of 7T, but you would think that the manufacturer could limit it to one model — so minor turned out to be an upgrade. If OnePlus 7 Pro really was an independent smartphone, which look place in the market not accounted for even in the presence of 7 OnePlus, then OnePlus 7T Pro is the device is released from the principle of “to be”.

The Chinese have really learned to make better smartphones than Apple

Inside the OnePlus 7T Pro is almost identical to the OnePlus 7T, which came out a couple weeks ago. The heart of the smartphone is the same Snapdragon 855+, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. But the battery though upgraded, but frankly not enough to even mention. Its capacity was increased to 4085 mAh vs 3800 mAh OnePlus at 7T. So count on a significant increase in autonomy is not necessary. The best that you can hope for is an additional 20-30 minutes, given the increased diagonal display. But charged it really quickly. According to OnePlus, thanks to the support of technology WARP Charge OnePlus 30T 7T Pro charged 23% faster than the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Speaking of the display. He was the same as that of OnePlus 7 Pro. The same is 6.7 inch, the same refresh rate is 90 Hz, the same dynamic range of DCI-P3. Even the front camera remained the same and in the same place. In General, some could even seem that if you insert in the description of the new text that we wrote about the OnePlus 7 Pro, editor-in-chief won’t even notice. But what fun pomusolit this topic again.

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But if OnePlus 7T looked different from 7 is quite significant OnePlus, OnePlus 7T Pro for some reason decided to make a full copy of 7 Pro that is OnePlus, which belongs to the previous generation. Remains a perfect mystery why the camera OnePlus 7T Pro it was impossible to draw in the same style as that of OnePlus 7T, the more that their characteristics are identical. Round head with three eyes lenses, of course, looks are frankly so-so, but as a distinctive feature of the smartphones of the new generation might be amiss. However, the decision designers OnePlus to bet on the former design of the camera gives hope that they realized how disgusting it looks from behind OnePlus 7T.

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In the sale of OnePlus 7T Pro will arrive on October 17. Start selling it in several countries at a price of about $ 680 for the basic version. And here to Russia the machine will get immediately. In any case, we would not advise to wait for him before in the new year. But then to call it the bargain of the century likely will still be impossible. Because of the peculiarities of the conversion to your local currency and all of the tax deductions, which will fall on the manufacturer, we have the OnePlus 7T Pro will probably be estimated at approximately 55 thousand rubles.

The Creator showed a new Android smartphone

Chapter Essential Andy Rubin, known to have been in his time one of the main developers of the Android operating system, showed a new smartphone, working on his team. For a long time, the project became the object of rumors and speculations, as the smartphone is Essential, first his brainchild, despite a number of advanced technological solutions and good build not find much popularity. After that, began to circulate rumors about the development of a new device, and then suddenly turned to information about the sale of the company. At the end of last year it was even reported that Andy found a buyer. Then came a lull, the result of which was the announcement of a new apparatus, which, without exaggeration, looks very cool and futuristic!

Very unusual design!

The first hints of the announcement appeared in the summer, and in late September the development of new products officially confirmed. The press Secretary Essential said that the gadget is in development, but before the official announcement of the company required more time. This week agonizing wait is over.

On his page on the social network Twitter Rubin published a series of pictures showing the device on which he worked last year with the team. The result is very unusual.

The first tweet contains a photo in which four colored smartphone lie in the foam displays down. Smartphones are not unlike any modern rectangular camera, and looks rather like a remote control to the electronic device.

The device is equipped a single primary camera with LED flash. Directly under the camera is a fingerprint scanner. The company’s first smartphone cost a lot of money, was pretty good, but many people just criticized him for the mediocre camera, so some subscribers Rubin thought it strange that new features are framed by a decorative bezel, single-PV panel — all have become accustomed to the “bug-eyed” gadgets with a bunch of lenses. But I think Andy’s team took into account past negative experiences and still show the camera in the case.

We will remind that earlier “pop up” specs for the device, which, apparently, have no relation to reality. It was reported that the device will receive a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 730 and several photosensors: Sony IMX586 48 MP, 16-megapixel Sony IMX519, Sony IMX258 13 and Sony IMX476 20 megapixels. What really will stand inside, not yet reported.

According to the developer, the material of the body, called GEM Colorshft. The building change its color depending on the angle, and look great.

The user interface of the smartphone — something incredible as the unit itself!

The third message shows the front of the smartphone. And it is most interesting that can be seen in a series of his tweets. Andy wrote that the smartphone is a brand new user interface specially “ground” under the unusual form factor and a unique aspect ratio. It is seen that the device is indeed very narrow and lies in the hand in the manner of a TV remote. In this photo you can see a wide frame, “stealing” more than ever useful in this case, millimeters.

Our Yandex.Zen can be read on any screen. See for yourself!

The display has a very visible hole for the selfie shooter is located at the top left corner. On the same line as the camera can see the controls: red dash and arrow. What they are is still not clear.

Appears on the screen running apps: Uber, calendar, maps and weather. Each of them occupies about a quarter of the display. Despite the fact that the interface is quite similar to that whatsoever, it is believed that it is still Android.

Commentators from among the subscribers Andy was traditionally divided into two camps: someone interested in a smartphone and praised him very much, but there were also those who new shocked by its design. Observant breeders immediately turned his attention to the robot Spot from Boston Dynamics, which was in some of the frames, and praised his coloring instead to comment on the new smartphone.

However, many were happy to see the results of the company, because since the release of its last smartphone took a long time. Apparently, will soon appear and the first details about the hardware unusual novelty, in the meantime proposed to discuss the design of the device and other news this week we have telegram-chalice.

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