How to install incompatible applications and are not available in the region

Not all apps from Google Play can be compatible with your device. In addition, some apps are designed for certain regions and may not be available in your. This does not mean that you give up. If you really need or really want to install an app that Google Play does not allow to install, there is a way.

Immediately should warn you that the methods described in the article, are very effective, but can not solve all problems. There are applications that simply are not designed for your device and will not work on it under any circumstances.

Now, moving on to the methods.


If the application is not designed to work in your area, you can hide information about your location using VPN. There are a huge number of ways to setup VPN on Android. If you are not familiar with at least one app TunnelBear.

Download the app, run it, and poke at a suitable point on the map. If your chosen app is designed only to work in the United States, select United States. You can install the app and use it. This method is popular for those who want to use Western streaming services that are not available to everyone.


If Google Play does not want to set your app for the reason that it is not compatible with the device, can download the APK file and manually install the application. Copy the link to the app from Google Play, paste it to the site APK Downloader, download APK file and unzip on your smartphone. If this website does not help you can use the APK Mirror.

Remember two things. APK file downloaded not from Google Play, it may carry malware. The second thing you should know, it may well be that the program is not just refused to be installed on your smartphone. It is likely that she will not be able to work on it properly.

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