How to install the Phone app from Google on any Android

The Google ecosystem includes a wide range of different applications. In addition to the all famous Google Play, Google Photos, Gmail and “Google Lens,” has a special application to send and receive messages, calendar and phone. But if “Google” and Google Calendar” could be officially installed on any smart phone is “the Phone” for some reason, Google made an exception, greatly limiting the range of compatible devices. However, just this week, the company decided to lift the ban on the widespread installation of the application.

Приложение "Телефон"

The Phone app can already be installed on any smartphone, but only as a beta

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Install the “Google Phone” today is really possible on almost any smartphone running Android. However, there is one small caveat, which is – I assure you – absolutely will not cause you any inconvenience. It lies in the fact that at the moment is available only a test version of the application. That is simply to go to Google Play and download a smartphone “Google Phone” you will not succeed. Before the application appears on your device, you will have to do some manipulation. Fortunately, simple.

Install Google phone

Because you can install only the test version of the “Google Phone”, we are required to apply for participation in the beta program application. This is done as follows:

  • Go with the computer (why computer – will explain below) this link and click “Participate”;
Google Play

The easiest way to install the beta using the web version of Google Play

  • Before you open a new window with a link to the beta version of the app for which you want to move and click “Install”;
  • Please login with your Google account;
Скриншот приложения "Телефон"

To Phone work, you need to set it as the default application

  • Select the smartphone if one uchetku tied to multiple devices, and confirm the installation.

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Maybe it’s just my problem, but go to the link to install the beta version of “Telephone” with your smartphone I couldn’t do it. Or rather, go-it worked, but Google Play has consistently thrown me to the page stable version of the app, reporting that it is incompatible with my device. But if you try to do the same thing through the web version of the catalog, using the computer, the installation runs smoothly and without any problems – after a few seconds the test application appears on the desktop of your smartphone.

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What is so good “Phone” from Google? Actually he has a lot of advantages, from a minimalistic design to a wide range of functions. For example, I really like that it by default is able to recognize spam. Lately I often receive phone calls of advertising, and for me the opportunity in advance to see that it is an unwanted call is very convenient, not to mention the built-in blocking tool.

How to block a number

  • Start the “Phone” and locate the call (all spam calls are marked with a red icon);
  • Touch your finger to this number and hold until the context menu;
Блокировка спама

Block spam calls in the Phone app is easier

  • In the window that appears select “Block” — then opposite the room will appear crossed with a gray circle.

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Personally, I have a few days use the “Phone” in Google, and I was more than satisfied. Not only that, app has all the features except for caller ID (I use the determinant from Yandex), and is in very good, in my opinion, style. In fact, the “Telephone” is a continuation “Messages” from Google, which I too for a long time and very successfully used. So, if you appreciate functionality and unity in design is for you.

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