How to keep Apple on the performance of the battery even though the screen secondary machine MacBook Pro 13 inch

The iFixit project information on the internal components of the laptop new from Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch, which has been updated this week with the latest Intel processors from the second generation, with the introduction of the second screen and reader insight, and provided security Apple T2.

The report reveals that the device got a bigger battery with a capacity of 58.2 Wh, compared with a battery capacity of 54.5 Wh existing in the previous generation, which lets the computer run the second screen and the reader insight while maintaining battery life of 10 hours, just like the model of MacBook Pro the other.

To get more space to introduce the reader insight to the side of the screen the secondary, the report indicates that Apple used cooling fan a little smaller, in addition to reducing the size of the speaker corresponding to the fan instead of the size of the battery.

New laptop MacBook Pro 13 inch has the same keyboard “butterfly” of the second generation, with updated materials such as models of the MacBook Pro 2019 other that was introduced in last May, while the company is working on a replacement keyboard another will launch devices next.

Like most devices MacBook other modern, I got this style a low score 2/10 in terms of portability reform, where one of the disappointments of the main is that the company has mussel memory, SSD and Ram at the bottom, so users can not do upgrade the device.

Source: iFixit

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