How to know fake accounts on Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites on the internet, has provided us with the means of innovative and easy to communicate with friends and family, but it also has become a major threat with the privacy standards, in addition to the possibility of exposure of the monument misinformation or even use a commercial platform to promote counterfeit goods or stolen money.

According to “Wikihow,” the famous these are some of the ways to protect yourself from being cheated by fake accounts on Facebook.

The importance of knowing the fake accounts

كيفية معرفة الحسابات المزيفة على موقع فيس بوك

May begins the account holder fake to appear as a friend or even to show the tendencies of emotional, but that could be a way of beginning to steal personal information or money or even theft of property.

Don’t talk to strangers.

At least prepared to think again before you accept friendship request from people you don’t know them, ask them some questions of the quality of why do you want to add me as a friend? How I found your account on Facebook? In addition to the possibility of pressure on the name to see mutual friends between you two?

Read the profile well

There are some mistakes that can reveal fake accounts to like the portrait screen is relatively small, but Job, written or date of birth does not fit with that, found anything suspicious inside you. believe your gut the interior and start asking questions immediately.

Check the profile picture

كيفية معرفة الحسابات المزيفة على موقع فيس بوك

Most of the fake accounts to put impressive images, or at least the occasion, but mostly it is to get those pictures on the internet, therefore, there is a distinctive way is to use the largest engine on the World Wide Web “Google” by voice after the Save personal picture on your computer then put them on a Google page to the engine to bring all sites that contain that image, I found it on the other accounts for the same person, this safety standard, but if you find her regularly on all sites, then know that it is by a large a fake account.

Search for the name of the account online

Think that step is the importance of rest especially if the account name from the names of the common but limit the results you can book accommodation next to the name in the search or even search on previous posts to the account on Facebook in general.

Check your friends list

Search in the friends list for the account if it is available to watch live, then you can determine if most of the Friends of the A local scale or a particular city or that the account says Add people from different countries often have account with friends dispersed all over the World account is a fake, because the main purpose for students is to communicate between friends.

Raise more than accept

كيفية معرفة الحسابات المزيفة على موقع فيس بوك

Make a choice the closest is the rejection of a friend request as long as it does not appear what underlines the seriousness of the account, and initiated the work ban for students also to avoid a repeat of portable.

Beware of the circles of counterfeit

Not the meaning of the existence of the circle of accounts or friends say to interact with the account that has Plus, this is proof that the account is reliable, due to the presence of the possibility to manage the person for more than account at the same time in order to add some credibility to his accounts don’t be fooled by this.

Cut your relationship with them immediately.

If any strange behavior from the account newly added to the list of your friends, or even one of the accounts of your friends or your family members trusted, so remove them from your friends list immediately, because it may have happened to a breakthrough for one of those accounts which know your account was compromised also.

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