How to know how many tracks you listened to in Apple’s Music all the time, and more

Recently Apple has started to provide the service of collecting all data related to Apple ID users in Russia. The information contained in the report not only allows us to understand how much detail in Cupertino are aware of your personality, but also includes interesting details about your preferences, including the music used by Apple Music algorithms for the selection of suitable for you tracks.

Data about your musical preferences are in the format of a cvs file, the transcript of which can take a lot of time. But developer Pat Murray have created a simple web tool that allows you in seconds to visualize information about the most listened songs in Apple Music total number of hours spent listening to music in the context of the service, as well as the total number of tracks ever lost your devices.

How to get the data associated with your Apple ID

The first thing you need to do is to request the entire data package from Apple. This can be done in the section “Data and privacy” on the official website of the company. After sending the request until receiving the archive information may take up to 7 days. Usually the whole process takes less time, but sometimes, if we are talking about large volumes of data, you may need a whole week.

After you receive the notification about the readiness of the report, click the link in the email and download the archive with the title “Information about multimedia services, Apple”.

How many songs do you listen to Apple Music

After receiving the archive, open it and in the folder Apple Music Activity Play of the same name, locate the cvs file. Then open the web visualization tool and upload the file there. According to the developer, his offspring is a simple mechanism to decrypt the data, which does not sends the received data to remote servers, and performs all calculations directly on your device. To verify this, before you download the file, just disconnect the computer from the Network.

As a result, you will receive a clear summary not only on the number of songs played and the hours spent in the Apple Music, but the reasons for the stop playback the current tracks (switching to another track, rewind to start, stop, pause, application crash, etc.) and lots of other useful information.

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