How to know password of wifi on Android?

If you have already contacted to a WiFi network and want to learn the word the mystery of her own to forget about him or for any other reason, the system of Android does not allow you to access word passwords to WiFi networks to which they relate. But when you do a route the abolition of the powers of the access to the file system to access it and read it, you can do that, which is what we drink to you in this article.

There are other solutions to this problem

If your problem is to forget Wi-Fi password for your home or your company and want access to it you can do so through the Settings page for the site or your router, as you can change password new or you can simply reset it to no password as I bought it. And also the use of wps is one of the solutions but we do not recommend it because of a loophole that allows others to contact to your device when you activate this feature, lets call the machine easily without a password.

As for the method described in this mobile it allows you to access system files Android OS on your phone which contains files needed when passwords private companies that relate to them through your phone, which is what business needs to root your phone first.

Work root for your phone android

If you have root by your phone, you have only the beginning in the implementation of the steps if you didn’t do it, you have to search a bit to root your phone according to the quality where you will find a lot of articles that will help you to perform these simple tasks that often won’t take a lot of time which can not complete the steps without it where you won’t be able to link to Files System.

The implementation of the method to see the password

In the beginning you the direction to the store of Google Play to get an application to browse the files supports open file that contains the password to the Wi-Fi that you call her, you text txt. If you didn’t know the application says to do so then you should already using Amaze File Manager which you can get it for free from the store Google Play.

After that you go to your settings app and enable access to the files to root when you can link to the files system where you will find this option in the lowest settings. After that, you must go to the Data file that will be shown to you, then Misc, then Wifi where you will find in this file to wpa_supplicant.conf which when you open it as a text file, or txt to find networks you connect to, passwords, own to the task so easy.

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