How to know the size of any file on your iPhone or iPad

One of the major innovations of iOS 12 app “Quick commands”. The new program allows the user to create a chain of actions to automate daily and routine operations, but also to take actions that were not initially provided iOS. Conveniently, you can activate the scripts, you can use one button or a voice command. In the example of this article we will look at how to create a script with which we will be able to quickly find out size of any file.

Despite the fact that in iOS 12 and 13 Apple has brought many improvements, some important features were not added by the developers.

Take for example the built-in app “Photos”, “Music” or “Books”. For some reason, users still can not determine the size of the files stored within those applications — that possibility just yet.

To know the size of the files is possible only in the framework of the Files, so users often resort to the import photos, videos or documents. And it’s really very inconvenient and time consuming.

Fortunately, there is much more simple way to determine the size of the files. And it can be done even from the comfort of built-in apps and without the import procedure. This will help us the app “Fast team.”

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A quick way to determine file size on iPhone and iPad

  • Run the application “Quick commands”.
  • On the main screen, select “Create a team”.
  • A new window will need to specify the name of the team. For convenience, indicated by a “Define file size.” Here activate the switch “On page exports.”
  • In the section “export Types” choose file formats that will work with our team, “Files”, “Image”, “Media files” and “PDF files”.
  • Go back to the edit page command and click on the ” + ” button. Here you should find the action “Get file information” and select it.
  • Click on “Choose” and select from the list the property “file Size”.
  • Go to the notifications tab. Go to the edit page, click on the “+” and add the action “Show notification”.

You’re done! To know the file size, you must go to the appropriate app to open the file, and click on the menu “Share”.

In the list of actions will appear the option “Quick team”, in which you can select the operation “to Determine file size”. Activating this script will display a small notification, which will specify the exact file size.

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