How to learn to all data collected by Google about you and her?


Is the only good thing that resulted from the scandal, “Facebook – Cambridge analytica” a whole is that users are becoming more aware of the peculiarities of their, before that, there wasn’t a lot of questions, I have posted a lot of users to their data without the knowledge of the company with the technology and they didn’t care where you go this information, but after this scandal, have become companies such as Google and Facebook more transparent with how they use user data, has launched Google in recent times a new Privacy Policy which allows users to “understand” the information that is collected, Here’s how a user can identify all data collected by Google about you and her.

How to manage your data on Google

1 – User goes to the page of My Activity to Google through the link

2 – on the left side of the page, the user can watch a number of different tabs, such as View and Other Google Activity and other things.

3 – The user presses on the Google Activity, to see all the information – record sites, device information that is possessed by Google about you.

4 – can put pressure on the various tabs, and manage the information you want the user in the share with Google.

** How to delete search history on Google:

1 – User goes to the page and My Activity page just like the previous step.

2 – The user will find three points in the top right.

3 – The user chooses it the option to “delete activity”..

4 – will notice to open a new page allows the user options to delete all its data.

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