How to live with Apple Care in the US

Many people often wonder how the extended warranty program AppleCare, but in Russia it is only available for computers of the company. However, in the US, AppleCare can be purchased along with a new iPhone, so among American users an additional safeguard is very popular. Why, and is there any pitfalls, we asked one of our readers, who for 10 years living in Alaska.

Questions answered by Igor Galakhov.

How long do you use AppleCare?

Almost from the very first Apple device, as immediately realized that it is better to overpay a couple of hundred dollars and sleep well. Your device I change usually for six months prior to the expiration of AppleCare, which gives me 2-2. 5 years to update the “Park”.

The first time I had to resort to the extended warranty?

I had the 15-inch MacBook Pro, I bought it in 2013 with AppleCare. For 3 years (12 months manufacturer warranty and 2 years additional) I changed the laptop partially or completely three times. Two of them dealt with small defects with the work of iron, what I, as a professional employee in the IT industry, it was easy to apply as a problem.

The third time, a month after the expiration of the warranty period, I just cannot boot the computer. I brought it into Apple Store where I returned the money that I could use to buy a new MacBook ( Touch Bar).

You can only change the device, or return the money?

Have AppleCare there is a rule: after three unsuccessful repairs within warranty, you can require the complete replacement of the device. First, they will offer the same model, but you can request a refund (three repair implies a relatively long lifetime) and buy a newer model laptop.

And so it happened. I was given a discount of 2 499 dollars to buy a top (then) configuration MacBook Pro 2016, 3 799, along with AppleCare.

But not everything went smoothly. I changed under warranty, the screen and keyboard (2 times) and the battery (as it is on glue, changed the whole bottom of the computer). Then I sold it for good money, since it was almost new and still with two years warranty, and switched to Dell.

How often did you use AppleCare for iPhone?

With iPhone this program I enjoyed much more often, sometimes I have over two years has varied 2-3 of the apparatus.

The terms of the warranty has varied in recent years?

AppleCare has provided 2 additional years of coverage under factory warranty for MacBook (1+2), and one year for iPhone (1+1). Cost is from $ 79 to $ 199 depending on the model. This coating was NOT physical or water damage. Then, if the user bought AppleCare and broke the screen, Apple could take over the surcharge. If he didn’t have AppleCare, the experts were ready to talk for an additional fee.

2017 (maybe a little earlier) Apple introduced AppleCare+. It was worth the fun a bit more expensive, but gave the right to repair in case of physical damage for a nominal fee. Just then the Apple began to do post-warranty repairs all iPhone for adequate money (partly because of this, I’m done with my interior repair phones).

What are the main differences from AppleCare AppleCare+?

What good is AppleCare+: 3 year warranty on notebooks, 2 years iPhone, is 379 dollars and 149 dollars respectively. For iPhone recently there was another version of AC+, which costs $ 249 and covers loss of the phone.

As+ for notebooks includes two additional years of warranty (from date of purchase) and covers up to two incidents of physical damage, but with additional cost: $ 99 for screen replacement (and we know that the modern display MacBook Pro costs $ 800 and above) and physical damage to the body, and $ 299 for other damages (bathed with the computer in the pool and so on). Pay attention — they are not talking about cutting with a hacksaw, but if you even move the laptop machine, it will be replaced for the same $ 299. Before giving the reduced model, but now began to change to a new one.

In the case of the iPhone you are given 1 extra year of warranty on all of the above and also an opportunity two times to “kill” the device, but with more affordable prices: screen replacement under AC+ will cost $ 29 (150-330 dollars without it), other physical damage — $ 99 (without it from 270 to 600 dollars depending on the model).

You can use AppleCare at least the day before the expiration of the warranty period?

To such it is better not to bring (you can refuse), but I have had exceptions when the warranty repair was made for a couple of days before expiration. I brought a MacBook Pro 15 years, filled with coffee, just asked to transfer data to the new iMac and left the laptop as a gift (for parts). I have it in the office spent three months, and something possessed me to penetrate the serial number. It turned out that after a week the deadline for AppleCare. I disassembled, removed the traces of flooding and marked “not included” send it to Apple, in the shower hoping that I will be offered for a nominal fee to bring the computer state to the ideal.

I replaced the screen (I apologize for the quality of anti-reflective coating, as it came off), keyboard (sticky keys) and the motherboard battery (it was damaged). It’s all free. I sold it after a couple of days of tests somewhere around 1200 dollars.

What if you break the device is not 2 times, but 3?

If you’re in the third time will break the device, then you offer to pay for the cost of repairs out of warranty, but still do.

There were cases when did not buy AppleCare?

Not long ago, just happened with the iPhone 7 Plus. Immediately bought it, and then I failed to take AC+ on this smartphone, because as+ you now need to buy a device, and before you could buy any day before the expiration of the warranty period. Lost shorter.

A month ago the phone started to reboot after upgrading to 11.4.1. After inspecting it, I found that the problem is purely “iron” character. Year warranty has expired. After a showdown with Apple I’m left with the fact that I need to pay 350 dollars for a replacement phone. The reason is the ingress of moisture inside.

I fought as best I could because the phone has no signs of moisture (the screen usually shows this clearly). My arguments about water RESISTANCE (not proof) went unheeded. Still water iPhone are not friends. Had to pay $ 350 — they sent me a new phone. About the fact that I was filming a one-hour video underwater in the Caymans and Honduras the year before, I didn’t tell them.

That’s AppleCare in the U.S. — agree, it would be great if in Russia, Apple offered a similar program when purchasing the iPhone. And have you had cases of iPhone repair or Mac on AppleCare or AppleCare+? Share in the comments.

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