How to locate a mobile and protect your phone from theft through the application of Prey

Download the application prey to protect the mobile from theft free.

Nice to know to steal the phone at any one time or it is lost somewhere so it has to be on users to identify ways to protect the mobile from theft and how it related to the phone or computer and locate them , there is a lot of apps that help you in this matter , and is تطبيقPrey Anti Theft one of the most important applications that depends on a lot of users to protect their phones supported systems Android from speed .

Lost phone or stolen not only impact the physical but also considered a disaster and based on these privacy due to the content of the phones of the names and photos of numbers and secret messages mailing confidential and personal information seriously, so we recommend that everyone using the application of the prey that determines the location of your phone and protects your devices from theft or loss , you know on the app more than through this section of the site we how technology .


About the app Prey Anti Theft

The application of prey in a nutshell says the protection of electronic devices mobile speed, not only that but it helps you to recover it and report the thief to inform the security agencies about it, the more it is characterized by this program from other programs that can do the job to protect the phones from theft like Lookout , Cerberus , is that it’s completely free, and does not require any activation either at the inauguration or in the future, as it is controlled through the website for the program and therefore will be able to stop a thief online and easily .

One of the most important things provided by you the prey is :

Search for your phone on a map through geolocation GPS using Wi-Fi or call balance .

Possibility to capture image from the desktop into the mobile

Take a picture of the thief if your device is the web cam or from a camera frontcourt in mobile

Blocking the data and personal information, and delete passwords saved in the device is not connected to the thief .

Activation of the system alarm or a warning message.

Shut down the stolen device, or disable to open it remotely with a password to prevent any access to your device .

The launch of the device for entertainment out loud, and even if you make the device the status of the silent .

Display an alert message on the screen to move the thief or tell him to re-device .

Collect information about Wi-Fi that connect to your device .

Detecting any change of SIM Card your device .

Locate mobile or PC

The application of the prey function, only one is tracking your devices, but it does optimize the working application to prey on all operating systems well-known, therefore you can’t trace your phone but tracking all of your devices from your laptop or tablet to all your phones, wholesale …, all that from just one place.

As we mentioned if you happen to lose one of your devices, all you have to do is login to their website and then check out, where you can make the device captures the image through his camera or send its geographical location, show a certain image on the screen or launch a loud voice to locate him, and so , with the prey all your devices protected from just one place.

تحديد موقع الهاتف او الكمبيوتر
Locate the phone or the computer

App Prey Anti-Theft is primarily responsible for the protection of your phone and track the thief, if found it is through this app you can track your phone wherever it may be found or lost or stolen , with this app you can’t worry your phone is safe and you can find it quickly , and the application of Prey Anti-Theft solo Android but also supports systems Windows Photo systems, Mac Lion.

All what it is after you log in to the website on the following link is to press the button to log in to create your own account on the site can browse through the setups associated with the site easily .

You can create a new account to link with your account on Facebook or your account on Twitter, or by clicking on Don’t HAVE AN ACCOUNT you can set up an account just by typing the account details such as name and email address and my password, then click Sign up to create an account successfully.

التسجيل في موقع prey لتعقب هاتفك
The registry in the location of prey to track your phone
الاشتراك في موقع prey
Subscribe to prey

Then it will move you to a control panel containing three lists is important so you can protect your devices and protect your account in prey, too.

اضافة اجهزة prey
Extra devices prey

devices : this section gives you the possibility of connecting devices to your account at the site of prey

You will be shown in the list of devices + icon that you are going through it by adding your devices, with it you can add 3 devices only free-to-use, but can add more when you buy the software and pay the extra fee.

ربط اجهزة للتحكم فيها عبر prey
Connect devices to it via prey

Click on the Download to look by adding devices and connecting them, and should you select the operating system that is currently running on your computer or your phone to download a simple program you install on this machine to be a link between the computer and the site.

control zone : this section offers you methods and tools to protect your devices and how you can receive the alerts, and the most important actions that you must work to keep the content of your phone once stolen .

After that you have to download the application to prey on the phone that you have linked in the site to be able to control it through the control zone and noticed during the install the program it will ask you to either log in to your account on the site PREY to connect the device to the program after pressing the button Sign in down to facilitate the installation process.

تطبيق Prey Anti Theft
App Prey Anti Theft

Now after installing the software on your computer or app on your phone, go back again for the online program and log in to your account to your then directly to the control panel where you find out simple information on the device and also the same page you will find a map of the US where the computer is currently and will remain so on the left side menu with 3 options through which you can make the computer sound high to know where it is if lost in your house, or display a message on a screen of the computer or close the computer directly. Also, you’ll find several options another to the location of the device.

تحميل تطبيق prey ضد السرقة
Download app prey anti theft

The way you communicate with your device after stealing it through the program prey


Link software download prey anti theft protection mobile

Download link for iPhone

Download link for Android



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