How to lock any app on iPhone password without jailbreak

Perhaps what distinguishes Android from iOS is the control lock sensitive applications with a password and protect it from messes volunteers. And we don’t have any formal method or directly from Apple to do this. And you do that via the iOS and install the custom tool from the CD. But the good news is, with this rectangle smartphone named the iDevice-the iPhone does not belong rates. There is a workaround, not through application shortcuts. But it was discovered in the iOS operating system 12 with the feature of Screen Time or “duration of use of the device” you can lock any app on iPhone with ease. In explaining the method we will use the names of the settings in Arabic and the corresponding English on the iPhone, so everyone benefits. How do you close any application on an iPhone or an iPad with the word pass?

كيفية قفل أي تطبيق على الآي-فون بكلمة مرور بدون جيلبريك

Apple doesn’t provide a feature to close any application you want with a password and leave the war to the owners of apps to add Are These of the water. But the trick is to use a feature that screen time which prevent you from using the app after a specific time only to type a password. The idea of the trick is to evaluate all the programs that you care about the duration 1 minute and then any time you open it will ask you the password because you exceeded the maximum daily. He continued with us to find out how the implementation of this idea.

◉ Log in to Settings Settings.

◉ Enter the duration of use of the device or Screen Time.

◉ Click on the use icon enter the duration of use of the device put a password.

◉ At the top of the page click on the name of your device, and if you use more than one device select current.

◉ Select the application that you want to password. If the application is not present, select any application, it’s just the portal player settings more.

◉ And then choose “Add Limit” or Add Limit and enter the passcode.

◉ Select “Edit application or Edit Apps and select all apps you would like to close it with a password and then click on Add.

◉ Use the interface cache in the top of the screen and choose less time and is accurate, then click “Add” in the top left or Add on the top right.

◉ Therefore advantage will be given to the limits of the application on insurance the applications that your chosen effectively, and if you try to open any of those apps closed, clicking on the “ask for more time”.

And then you will be prompted to enter the access code and the duration of use of the device or so-called ” Screen Time” as in the following picture.

◉ You’ll see options for running the application and less option available is fifteen minutes. Select that.

◉ You can lock any application on your phone except for the phone application. There is no option to turn off access to the phone application at all.

◉ For apps like Messages or FaceTime, you need to modify in the “always allow” in the main screen of the player to “use Time Machine” or Screen Time.

◉ And then remove them by clicking on the sign ” – ” next to it and then “removed”to enable the setting password is not the same as the previous method.


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One last word

This method stunt informal and serious gap is that there is a 1 minute daily can’t open the app. If you believe in a particular application this way and not open it during the day can spam it opens it will work with without any problems for just 60 seconds. But in general is better than nothing.

In this way you can protect your photos Privacy your on iPhone. So far only trade and we successfully completed that process with you in the comments.

Did you know that way before? If you know another way let us know in the comments



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