How to maintain your anonymity on the Internet (and a good save)

It may seem that lately, VPN services have become very much, but in fact their number has increased slightly — just a need for gaining access to the particular site has increased dramatically. Besides, in order to use the same Spotify, Pandora and Hulu need a VPN. But the use of VPN services to open foreign sites are only the tip of the “iceberg”, since it opens much more possibilities.

First, a VPN provides anonymity of the computer on the Network (within reason) and helps to protect your personal information: passwords, online chat, payment information and more. What’s even nicer is the ability to “bypass the system”, saving on the usual services, for example, making purchases in stores, available to users from Russia.

As we said in the beginning, VPN services do much, and advanced users have learned to distinguish good from bad VPNs: often, these services lured by the low price, thus have too few servers, which under heavy load the connection speed is becoming too small. Therefore, it is better to give preference to major services, which have long been on the market — the same exists already since 2006, has in its Arsenal dozens of servers located in 68 cities in 43 countries, and a simple interface.

How to start using

Very simple. So, just go to the site and download an application under the right platform — there are both Mac and iOS, and Windows with other operating systems. Immediately after starting the application, the service will send a special code by which during the day you can test all the features absolutely for free.

Because the VPN service provides an IP address of another country, it allows you to access unavailable services. In addition, using a VPN is very desirable when in public Wi-Fi networks, where scammers often intercept private data: strong encryption to hack VPN-connection they just will not work.

How to save on services

It has long been known that many services show different prices for the same services for the residents of different countries according to their welfare. For example, you suddenly gathered at a conference in Switzerland, and of the available hotels were only expensive options.

Run and select the same India where the standard of living is clearly lower. We go to the same site, select identical dates and see that the same hotel you can now book almost 12 thousand rubles cheaper.

However, it’s matter of luck — usually the savings are not more than 1000 rubles. More often you can open thus the “left” discounts: for example, for one country, the service shows available flights with 20% discount, although in fact he previously so much and cost.

Yes, similarly you can do with air travel, car rentals and more — sometimes it is useful to become “local” to get a nice discount on a journey across the country.

In addition, boasts a convenient app for iOS and Android, with which you can always remain anonymous online. It is available for free and has a simple but at the same time functional interface.


If you subscribe for a year for 1690 rubles, the monthly cost of the VPN access will be only 143 of the ruble is less than the cost of a Cup of coffee. However, as alternative options are available for a monthly subscription for six months, you can also buy access for the day. In all cases, received a 97 servers in 40 countries, OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP unlimited traffic and up to 5 devices simultaneously. You can, for example, buy with a friend or colleague one subscription for two.

As payment, you can choose a Bank card, Webmoney, PayPal and QIWI and Bitcoin — fans the anonymity will be satisfied. With can not only provide anonymity on the Internet, but also to protect personal data by using all the advantages your VPN.

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