How to maintain your eyes using the grayscale with Apple

Feature grayscale the in iOS and macOS can improve that to make the offer in colour white, black and gray extend the battery life of the device if the screen uses OLED, also be healthy to work, help fight phone addiction because they become less attractive.

Originally I found the water to help with seeing the colors on the visibility of the icons, so expect water within the accessibility options usually.


Head to Settings > General > Accessibility > facilities screen > filters the colors and then do grayscale.

After activating the grayscale may be hidden on the mission to figure out what was setting activated or not, so it is recommended to activate the option Turn on/off the address even shows the number 0 in front of the setting is not activated and the number 1 in front of the setting active.


To activate grayscale head to Settings > Accessibility > screen mode ✓ to use grayscale.

You can through the same window to increase the contrast to facilitate discrimination between colors, and put √ in front of discrimination without colors to facilitate interaction between menus and buttons.

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