How to make a hidden application “Weather” from the Google Assistant on the desktop

Despite the fact that Android was always available weather widget, today it is not very popular. Like it or not, but he has no positive influence on the performance of the desktop, and just looks not so hot. Few people know that Google Assistant includes a hidden application “Weather”, which is not only highly informative, but also just a cool design. Tell how to isolate him from the voice assistant.

By default, the application “Weather”, available in the Google Assistant, hidden from direct access. This means that even though it is available in the operating system out of the box it will be hidden in its depths, and to open it, only referring to the voice assistant. However, Android provides the ability to take out the “Weather” on the desktop to be able to open it without an intermediary on behalf of virtual assistant.

Hidden Android app

  • To do this, call Assistant Google with the command “OK, Google”;
  • Now ask the assistant: “How’s the weather?”;
  • After the screen will display a widget with the weather forecast, click the icon to the current temperature. This action will take you to the dedicated app “Weather”;
  • Open the context menu by pressing the three vertical stripes;
  • Click on “Add to desktop”.

The “weather” of Google Assistant – this is a really cool app that is actually hidden from the average user. If you place it on your desktop, you can save a few seconds before get a detailed summary of the weather for today, tomorrow and for the whole week ahead. But most of all I was touched by the hand-drawn animation that accompanies every new discovery. It varies depending on your location and current weather.

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