How to make a million dollars in bitcoin? Three of the most popular ways

There is no denying that Bitcoin can make you rich. Even after the volatility of bitcoin has dropped to the biennial at least, the asset still gives you the opportunity to earn good money on their price fluctuations. On the other hand, earned capital in the same way easily be drained in a matter of minutes. In trading there are three main ways of accumulating wealth. Perhaps they will help you to make your first million in Bitcoin.

Day trading

One of the most “simple” ways to get rich is to catch every jerk of the asset even at the scale of one hour. Simply put, “buy cheap, sell more expensive”. In fact, for this strategy, you need a pretty solid trading capital. For a start come to 1 BTC. On the difference in prices with the trade orders within the day can be a good idea to climb.

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The day trading has its enormous disadvantages. For example, such trading often leads to overtrading — you just start to forget about your strategy and chase short-term profits. More info for traders can be found in our training articles.

Trade with leverage

There is a large Deposit? It does not matter, the money you can always borrow from the exchange. Trade with leverage always brings huge profits, but also carries many risks. If with your own Deposit you may be acceptable losses, then the regular error in the trade with the shoulder lead to the complete elimination of all General funds of the trader.

To try yourself as a young wolf of wall street on stock exchange BitMEXis one of the best places to trade with leverage. Just remember that to execute trades with a leverage of over 10x is very dangerous for your Deposit. Then the next bullrun you will definitely earn your first million.

Game with Althingi

The vast majority of altcoins are traded against BTC. Investment in promising projects allow several times to increase their stock of bitcoins from scratch.

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However, by 2018 it is inapplicable. But if you purchase top 10 violas at the beginning of 2017, selling at the peak would bring a million even with $ 10,000. In this issue, we recommend you to take responsibility for fundamental analysis, not to get into another Bitconnect.

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