How to make a Moving Picture GIF on Android?

Animated image format, GIF is not new, but it has spread significantly in the recent period on social networking sites, being displayed fast and you need time like the videos but they contain problems and not just static images.

There are several ways to make a moving image on the personal computer as well as on the phones, where now offer a range of applications the advantages of making a GIF.

We use them in this article the most influential and practical.

GIF Maker and Editor

كيف تصنع صورة متحركة GIF على أندرويد؟

One of the famous apps and freebies that you can use GIF making of a group photo or video. Lets the application put the sticker or the book also allows the making of a moving image of images up to 200 images.

The design of the app is good but its use won’t be easy, significantly in the beginning before undertaking it. One of the advantages of the app is that it gives you a adjustment on a moving image already exists then use it again, which is an important feature.

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