How to make a smartphone automatically included, Wi-Fi at home or at work

Agree, keep the Wi-Fi enabled — this is not the best idea. In the first place because it will slowly “eat” the battery of the smartphone. Each time to disable it, leaving the zone of the wireless network and enable logging in again — this is not to say that convenient option. However, it is possible to configure Android smartphones so that they are independently included Wi-Fi in certain places. For example, at home or at work. However when this feature will operate continuously, the GPS module, which can also take some amount of battery power.

Androidsmartphone can determine when to turn on Wi-Fi

It is worth noting that this feature is not available on all devices, but only those that have a version of the Android operating system 8.0 or higher Oreo. So keep that in mind. Auto-enable Wi-Fi is called Wi-Fi Scanning and its principle of operation is based on the fact that, firstly, she operates on the basis of location data, and, second, can switch between trusted wireless networks, even if located in the zone of action of several of them. For example, Wi-Fi Scanning will choose the one that can provide the best speed. That is entering a certain area, the phone will “understand” if there’s a network and if so, connects to it. Well, when that happens, you can go to our page on Yandex.Zen and see unique materials from the world of mobile technology.

How to enable Wi-Fi Scanning

It is worth noting that due to the fact that many smartphone manufacturers have their own shell of the Android operating system, the location of this function may vary slightly from model to model. But in most cases you will need to go to “Settings” — “Network and Internet” — “wifi” — “wifi Settings”. Here you will find the option “Auto enable wifi”. It (pardon the tautology) should be included.

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Once this option is working, you will need to go to settings wireless networks and set up there home network. This can be done by clicking on the network name in the list and entering the settings. There you will find the item. It is also worth noting that you have on your smartphone should be enabled all the options related to geolocation. In particular, the definition of location. If these options were displayed originally and you often used Google Maps in order to get, say, from home to work and back, it is likely that these locations already marked on maps.

Now you no longer have to care about how to turn off Wi-Fi when leaving the house

And therefore the networks attached to these places with high probability have the same GPS coordinates and after enabling Wi-Fi Scanning it’s working “by itself”. If not, then you need to configure each network to set the parameters manually. Don’t worry, beat the latitude and longitude is not necessary. You just need to translate Wi-Fi network in the category of trusted.

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