How to make a smartphone “transparent”? Response Livecam Wallpaper

Varieties of Wallpapers for mobile very much. Someone is attracted by expensive cars, others want to see nature, while the remaining fans from the 3D images. Livecam Wallpaper breaks stereotypes and offers to make the smartphone almost transparent.

The app shows on the screen of the camera. This ensures that users can see what is behind the smartphone. The developers call these Wallpapers the most original and guarantee to surprise friends.

Works simply. After you start seeing the screen immediately offers you to choose suitable pictures. There are two modes: transparent phone and a mirror.

If you select first, the smartphone will show a picture with the main camera. If the second from the front.

The image can be seen not only on the desktop, but also on the lock screen and the main menu.

It’s all free. In-app purchases inside the app there.

The creators assure you not to worry about the battery as a live Wallpaper activated “only when necessary”.

According to the app description in Google Play in the next update the developers promise to add the ability to create snapshots without a separate camera app.

Livecam Wallpaper is a good toy and a way to impress your friends. For permanent use, the method is hardly suitable for active load on the battery, but you can try.

Application: Livecam Wallpaper
Developer: Evgenii Chernov
Category: Personalization
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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