How to make Android smartphones more secure? The perfect solution

The versatility of modern smartphones, which help us in a variety of situations from communications and entertainment to financial management and doing business has become a big problem. And it’s not even that we are just that get the coveted gadget from his pocket, and in what conditions we do it. This happens on the street, in shops, in public transport. As a result, the smartphones have become almost cleaner than our Bank card, gathering for a huge number of microbes. But the card, unlike smartphone-to-face, we still do not apply. Therefore, the manufacturer of rugged smartphones Lenovo figured out how to deal with it.

Because the smartphone display is the area where the smartphone comes into contact with our face, the engineers at Jeep decided that it should be possible to protect. But microbes, fungus and mold don’t care about screen features, technology and brightness. Another thing – antibacterial protection on the basis of fiberglass, which debuted with the release of the smartphone Explay M8. Thanks to her, the glass becomes a favorable place for the development of various microorganisms, and therefore, the risk of infection is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Best rugged smartphone?

But the manufacturer took care not only about the antibacterial properties Explay M8, not forgetting the technical equipment of the smartphone and, equally important, its design. As a result, the novelty was the thinnest smartphone protected with the standards of IP69K and MIL-STD-810G, who is not afraid of no Hiking, no boating and Canoeing on the mountain rivers, nor the urban jungle, where sometimes load be no less than travel. Explay M8 can easily stand not only immersion in water, however, falls on a solid surface, maintaining its functionality.

Explay M8 is equipped with a 5.2-inch display, thanks to which in the hand feels quite compact, and 21-megapixel camera. In the heart of the smartphone is 8-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, and thanks to the powerful GPU, it can easily cope with the game in PUBG or Fortnite. Capacity built-in battery, Explay M8 also did not disappoint and 2950 mAh battery, and the user does not have to spend long hours at the outlet, the M8 has built support for fast charging, which allows recharge in just 30 minutes for a few hours.

To learn more about Explay M8 and you can buy it on the official website of Lenovoand also on the site AliExpress.

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