How to make Chrome on Android has always worked in the “Incognito”

The “Incognito” mode in Google Chrome browser is very convenient. It is, of course, inferior to the level of security to the same VPN, but it provides a level of confidentiality without more, shall we say, “body language”. However, the mobile browser from Google is always in “normal” mode. Yes, to switch between them it takes a couple seconds. But if you often use Incognito mode, it would be nice to make the browser worked in it immediately after launch.

The “Incognito” mode — is quite useful option when working with the Internet

Why you need the “Incognito”mode

In fact, the “Incognito” mode is a pretty underrated thing. Most users think that it is needed only to browser “not remember” the sites you visit. Except that its functionality is not limited. In addition to browsing history, the browser does not save passwords and logins, does not store cookies and does not upload site data to the cache. All three of these items contain confidential information about you and your accounts. And it’s always a tasty morsel for intruders. Besides a lot of viruses are targeted primarily on those data. So it would be nice to protect yourself.

How to make Chrome on Android has always worked in “Incognito”mode

If you think that Google Chrome worked in “Incognito” mode constantly, you need to put one checkbox in the settings, you are wrong. In its original form Chrome is not able to run in this mode (which, in our opinion — quite a big flaw). But there is a solution. By the way, what browser do you use most often? Let us know in our chat in Telegram.

While on the home screen of your smartphone, make a long press on the Google Chrome icon. After that, the icon menu appears, which prompts you to open the browser or open a new tab in Incognito mode. Click on the second point, but hold. Drag the tab to an empty space on the home screen. Ready! You now have a special icon, clicking on which Chrome will run in “Incognito” mode. The usual browser icon you can hide from the main screen or leave it on if you need to quickly launch Chrome in normal mode.

Even if you are not using Google Chrome, you anyway have the opportunity to make your browser run in safe mode

It is worth noting that not all mobile browsers allow you to use such a hack. Although the same mobile versions of Opera and Firefox, of course, have the “Incognito” mode. However, in this case, you can use another method (though it is less convenient). You can log in incognito mode on other browsers download there is absolutely any page (the main thing that it was not the start screen) and save the page in Bookmarks. And now, from the bookmarks menu, you can move this page to the home screen.

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