How to make Facebook your data? Here use?.. Questions to answer about the company


Saw the “Mark Zuckerberg” CEO of Facebook last week in front of the U.S. Capitol in the sessions lasted more than 10 hours, and he replied “founder of Facebook” during which more than 500 questions, and promised to return again to answer the 40 questions he could not answer them, only to the giant of the social media posting via the city’s official statement revealed the data that it collects about Users and why they were doing it.

How to collect Facebook data for users outside of the site?

1. through add-ons Facebook different Like “button or the” common in other web sites.

2 – log in via Facebook account to other websites and services, rather than create a new account.

3. statistics of Facebook which allows other websites to understand the behaviour of their users better.

4 – Facebook ads tools to measure the performance of advertising campaigns it monitors users ‘ experiences with ads.

Noted for Facebook to it is not the only one that collected users ‘ data from locations outside the site, indicating that the locations and applications of major such as Twitter, points, LinkedIn, Google, and Amazon are also collected personal data about users, in the website gets information about the IP type of the operating system.

What kind of data to get Facebook of these sites and applications?

Revealed Facebook they get data from the applications and websites that are used to add, such as the Like button or Facebook Analytics, to make the content of its declarations better, and hit the company is an example of a mechanism that is browsing the Internet, the start of the site visit through a browser such as Chrome, the request is sent to the server site and the browser you number the IP address of your site so it knows where to send the content to browse.

How to use Facebook data that it receives from Web sites and applications?

Describes the privacy policy of Facebook magazine to use Facebook for this information, where it is being used to provide services to websites or apps and to improve safety and security on Facebook, promote their products and services.

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