How to make free calls on tablet Android devices or iPad

كيفية إجراء مكالمات مجانية على الجهاز اللوحي بنظام الاندرويد أو الايباد

The fundamental difference between tablets and phones is the size and also Support phone calls there are many tablet devices that do not support technology contact no port for a connection and therefore there are many alternative ways to this problem and enjoy make free calls via a tablet device.

Make free calls using the Amazon Alexa

Voice assistant Alex, who is inside the speakers on Amazon which has been made available as separate devices Android and iOS and also since the beginning of the month of March has been developed so that it can make free calls in addition to video calls between you and friends and family

All you need is to download the app to your device available on Google Play , the Apple App Store , then you may provide him despite your personal to import your contacts on some devices, you’ll be able to click a button Alexa and ask them to call a contact certain

With a note that the app won’t work for me if the receiver of the other app uses also.

Make free calls using Google Duo

Google Duo is an application available for Android and also iOS system, you’ll need to initially connect it with your phone number to use it features easy-to-use user interface simple, where you can choose a contact and start a video call and then click the screen to bring up options such as switching between front and rear cameras mute the microphone or End call.

Does not support app SMS and calls but it depends on the video calls between the two parties and also the features the app provide the feature of Knock Knock which allows you to see the related video before the reply directly to you.

Make free calls using Facebook Messenger

Application Messenger Facebook available for all platforms of phones and tablet devices is part of the Facebook platform also supports voice calls and video through the Internet you can download the app and provide the phone number, whether you have an account on the Facebook platform or do not have you can use the app to call the phone number only and the other the receiver has the same app and also you can start making calls to several options, whether audio or video or even send a text message.


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