How to make money from the sale of digital content on WordPress?

Is e-commerce one of the fastest growing markets, and digital sales a big part of this cake. If you want to include in the world of business via the internet, the creation of a digital store for sales is just one of the simplest ways.

The problem that may come of which is to discover the best way to sell digital files using the WordPress platform that you can use is usually to create a blog or website is the platform customizable and you can build on the basis of which a product or even e-store.

Fortunately for you, it makes WordPress such an easy task, thanks to his system of rules is obvious, there are a lot of tools that will enable you to sell digital files quickly.

The best part is that adding new products is simple, there are few upfront costs in this model, in this article we will explain to you the way to do that, and will rely on Add Easy Digital Downloads and, of course, there are a lot of options and competition.

  • What is the sale of digital content and what are its features?

Can perform a wide range of commercial activities using digital sales only, starting from the plug via the internet to web hosting and programs, they all have something in common, don’t require you to ship anything physically. This is a strong selling point, but it is not the only advantage for Digital, which provides:

  • Easier management: there is usually an existing system handles everything from processing orders to delivered via the internet this means you will be free to spend time in new product launches.
  • Multiple payment options: can I set up dozens of payment gateways via the internet, and you can choose your favorite in most cases.
  • Minimal maintenance: handling physical products, storing the time and money, even if you run a small operation only, when it comes to products digital don’t need to worry about hosting fees.

Can be digital content that you sell e-books, video lectures or audio, documents and reports exclusive driven, photo artwork, music, video, movies, software, apps, games and tools.

  • Steps: how to sell digital content on WordPress

Previously, we mentioned that there are a lot of plugins designed to sell digital files using the WordPress, there is WooCommerce, an example of which is directed towards the physical products, but it is still a good stunt to sell digital goods.

When it comes to this task specifically, look to add Easy Digital Downloads the best tool specifically designed to sell virtual items, here is a quick preview of what is possible using this addendum.

The first step is to download this addon for free from here , which received more than 2 million download, it is currently used by 60,000 and a website.

Step 1: configure the main settings for downloads digital easy

Before you can ask Home digital first sale, there are some settings that you can categorize. After installing the extension, a new tab will open in the control panel. Click on it and select the Settings option:

By default, you will Easy Digital Downloads will automatically set up checkout pages, the success of the operations of payment, the description of relations transactions to your site and everything you need for the user to complete the purchase.

In this first section, you can change the pages that use the addendum, in the event that you want to set up the alternatives for yourself, for the time being we recommend the commitment to the preparation of the default design as necessary.

Once you have finished, scroll to the top of the page and click the “client settings”, in this screen you can set the default currency to follow, in addition to the two settings of the second and the other including the status of the currency code.

After paying attention to these settings, there is only one thing you MUST format it before making the first sale.

Step 2: set up your payment gateways

You should not make a sale without knowing how to receive the payment in advance. Enables you to add to use platform to push outside the box – PayPal and Amazon Payments. To start, go back to the settings page of the addendum, click on the tab payment gateways.

All you have to do is to enable the platforms that you want to use by selecting the boxes next to the payment methods, after that you can choose the icons that should be included along with your options, so users are able to find out which payment methods they can use at a quick glance.

If you plan to use PayPal processing your payment, you’ll also need to fill out some additional fields, click on the link to the PayPal Standard at the bottom of the tab Payment Gateways to take care of it:

The first field is don’t need to explain. The second PayPal Page Style is optional field, if you want to create a style page custom checkout page of PayPal .

Step 3: add the first product number.

Now for the most important to add a digital file to your inventory and put it for sale, and to do that go to control panel and click on the Downloads> add new. First, you must choose a name and description for your digital.

The next step is to determine the price of your file, you should see the option to do this directly below the engine WordPress the main.

Now, scroll down until you reach the section to download the file and follow the default sort area, then use the model to raise the actual file that you want to sell it and assign it a name.

When you’re finished, you can proceed and click the button “publish”. Now, the element is ready you have you have two options to display, first you can use the shortcode unique to your year, which you can find next to the the bottom of the Publish button.

On the other hand, you can also enter the code to download [downloads] anywhere on your site, which will give all the items offered for sale, this is the perfect solution if you are thinking of showing multiple elements in the page.

  • Information last

You can use this extension in your blog to sell e-books and other products offered by for your blog and profit from them.

The paid version of Easy Digital Downloads provides you to connect more services including email marketing services and portals pay extra and get extra motivated in other to facilitate the process of inclusion and distribution of products on your site and propose it to the readers and increase the sales price starts from 99 $ to 499$.

This way you can earn money and make a good profit without interference from you, where you can sell even while you sleep or a traveler, the visitor says support and get his file.


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