How to make money on bitcoin? The answer is the former Vice President of Bitcoin Foundation

Cryptocurrency is considered unpredictable and unstable. It attracts and frightens at the same time. But investments in the crypt you can earn. How to do it? Questions answered by former Vice President Bitcoin Foundation Charlie Shrem. He has some advice for investors.

Today, most cryptocurrencies is substantially below its historic highs. On the one hand it can be scary, on the other hand today may be the best to buy digital currencies. Charlie Shrem believes that it is possible to invest in cryptocurrencies and guarantee yourself a profit. About the features of digital investment, he told the conference MoneyShow in San Francisco.

How to earn cryptocurrency

For starters, Charlie Shrem offers to choose the currency of the top ten or twenty most popular. He believes that before buying you need to examine the coin. Many recommend not to forget about Bitcoin. Colleagues from Coingape remember the words of a Professor of the Yale University Olea Tsyvinski, which recommends that 3.1 per cent of the cryptocurrency investment keep in MTC, no matter what.

The second step, which recommends Charlie Shrem is hodl. With such tactics we are already familiar.

Will hold any crypto currency that will buy within five years. Tell yourself that you want to block that amount and forget about this money for five years. It is likely to benefit in five years, as these bullish and bearish markets undergo a two-year cycle.

Indeed, we expect the growth of cryptocurrencies. It is difficult to imagine what it will be like in five years. In 2020, the pay network Bitcoin will be two times smaller and it has a serious impact on its cost. But the rise in price of Bitcoin by tradition entails a rise in the value of other coins.

Hodl is a boring tactic, but no cryptocurrency enthusiast who would not advise it. In order not to get bored during holla, join in our Telegram chat.

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