How to make money on mining: the script Coinhive brings users 250 thousand dollars a month

In early July, a Japanese, whose name was not disclosed, for the first time in history received real term for the use of the script Coinhive for covert mining Monero. The court sentenced a man to a year in prison.

This precedent is clearly not forced the miners to guard. According to the report of the analytical company Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen and RWTH Aachen in Germany for a month with the help of software users around the world got Monero to 250 thousand dollars. This writes

What makes Coinhive

According to analysts, with Coinhive spring users nominali 1 271 coin, which at that time was worth $ 250 thousand. Since then, production has remained at the same level, however, the rate of Monero fell — now the volume is about 110 thousand dollars.

Thus, Coinhive provides about 1.18 percent of all mining capacity Monero at an average frequency of 5.5 Megaherz can see per second. The researchers note that the script on the site to hide most of the systems blocking ads and banners. A transition in more than 80 percent of the short links on file sharing lead to the installation on the user’s computer of malicious software for covert mining.

The developers of the script Coinhive take 30 percent of the amount that managed to get to the miners, and then promise a payment of the remaining 70% in equal installments every few hours. To install the software for covert mining of any resource owner. It should be noted that in a number of countries, including in Russia, the use of such programs without warning the user of the website is a violation of the law.

Have you come across any hidden miners? How did you manage to spot? See you at the discussion in the best cryptodata the world.

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