How to make money on the crypt: the boss of the Chinese triads gathered in ICO of $ 750 million in five minutes

The former head of the triad Macau WAN Kwok-koi, also known by the alias “Broken Tooth”, cooperated with a Chinese firm to Finance the tournaments on chess and poker in the country. According to local media, the ICO’s own ex-criminal has collected $ 750 million in just five minutes. This writes Bitcoinist.

Investments in gambling business

A former gangster van Quoc coy noticed in a luxurious event in Cambodia, where he launched the ICO HB. The project of the van managed to sell 450 of 500 million tokens. In sum, Quoc Khoi has collected about $ 750 million in 5 minutes.

Later, the investment firm of van has entered into a partnership with the Beijing company Zhonggongxin Cosmos for sponsorship of tournament chess and poker. The representative Zhonggongxin Cosmos Guo Jia noted that the prize Fund of the competition is 10 million yuan (almost $ 1.5 million). The winner will receive a prize in the form of Fiat tokens and HB.

However, some skeptical of the whole thing. The parent company Zhonggongxin Cosmos supposedly operated by government agencies, but in fact there are a lot of conflicting facts. According to the website of the company, it has received all necessary approvals from the Chinese authorities. However, some lawyers believe that the fact that funding gambling with cryptocurrency is contrary to accepted in China laws. Earlier, law enforcement agencies in the country have closed online platform for betting in the crypt.

Others doubt the reliability of the token-HB. Founder Shubei Li Junfan indicates no code HB free. At the moment the coin is traded on the stock exchange Allin.

Criminal past of van Quoc-which is also troubling the minds of investors. The former boss of the triad was released in December 2012. Prior to that, Wang was serving a 14 years sentence in a maximum security prison Coloane. To the list of charges a former criminal is smuggling of arms and ammunition for the supply of local crime.

Despite the long sentence, “Broken Tooth” has not lost influence. In the case of its liberation held an exclusive party in a luxury hotel. The former prisoner left the prison in Lexus luxury with two personal guards.

He Quoc-coy said that “no plans to return to the past”. However, the police hardly believed these words. Supposedly, Wang will try again to occupy a high position in the industry of illegal gambling. At the moment he is banned entry in Hong Kong.


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