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Would you benefit from Siri in the pronunciation of the name of the caller? This feature improves the We have to other people. It is important that the names are written in the language that will be Siri. Sometimes, you find Siri’s difficulty in pronouncing some of the names; and its in a way kind of funny and the employee may be embarrassed in front of public. So you can in simple steps teach Siri how to pronounce names of your friends, family and even your name properly, by adding the spelling voice to those names. How so? Continued with us.

كيف تجعل سيري تنطق جهات الاتصال بشكل صحيح بالآي فون

In the beginning to activate the pronunciation of Siri for voice communication go to Settings then phone then the announcement of calls and make it always

To add the spelling of my voice You can apply the settings to the following:

  • Open contacts – select the contact to modify the spelling voice no – press Edit – scroll down to the bottom and select “Add Field”.

  • After selecting the “extra field” you’ll find several options to add the spelling voice:

  • Select the audio that you want to modify it for example if the Siri mistake in the pronunciation of the first name select “first name phonetic”; once you choose you will be taken to the box to write a spelling audio you want, and thus are included the phonetic pronunciation for the name in the contact, and the pronunciation by Siri during the next contact of that person.

Customize it to be like that.

For the Arabic language you can form the name to pronounce it correctly.

So you can review the names on your phone, and file names that need to be modified to ensure that involving Siri the names of your contacts correctly.

Did you know that property before? And do you know any trick? Tell us in the comments.

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