How to make smartphone faster charging

Today more and more smartphones and tablets on Android have at their disposal the function of fast charging. It is called Quick Charge but equipped with it usually, only completely new models of gadgets. But even if your device has no such useful options, you can always force it to charge faster. And you do not need to make any efforts or to download a different program optimizers.

Unfortunately, not every smartphone today can work all day without recharging

How to quickly charge your smartphone

Before you can understand how faster to charge the phone or tablet, you need to know that not all chargers work the same. You probably have noticed that your gadget is charging much slower when connected to USB port on PC or laptop than when it is connected to the power adapter. And you may have noticed that your phone accumulates a charge more quickly when connected to a charger that comes with the tablet. This is because different chargers have different output power.

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While the USB PC port has a capacity of 2.5 watt USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 and 4.5 watts for USB 3.0 standard charger for smartphone usually has a power of 5 watts. More detailed information is provided on the charger, so you can check it out in person and see how many watts your charging issues. The power adapter for tablets mostly designed power output of 10 watts. Important charger also has an indicator such as the amps, but in this case they do not play a special role. So to focus on them, we won’t.

Based on the foregoing, there arises the question: can I use the charger of the tablet to charge your smartphone? By and large, nothing “illegal” in this. In the instructions to the smartphones, as a rule, it is indicated that you may want to use a more powerful charger. However, in some cases (mainly in cases, very old smartphones) long using a more powerful charging can cause the battery capacity will fall faster. And then over time the battery will start to discharge faster. And often you charge your smartphone? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

But with wireless charging such tricks, alas, will not pass

In addition, in order to speed up charging your device, you can switch it to offline mode, unload from memory-hungry processes or even disable. The fact that even when your gadget is locked, many of the elements like chip for cell phone reception or the screen is still working, though not at full capacity. If the smartphone or tablet is disabled, the battery will not be consumed. But if you are not willing to be offline during charging, it is recommended to reduce the display brightness to minimum and disable Wi-Fi. These elements are “bitten off” a considerable percentage of charge and without charging will go much faster.

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