How to make the camera Galaxy S10 even better

Already needs no introduction excellent software for camera from Google is able to create pictures of exceptional quality by only one module even in the most challenging shooting conditions. Thanks to the invaluable work of the users of the resource XDA under the username “cstark27” and “Arnova8g2” now users of almost all the devices range Galaxy S can try the work of the chamber of software from Google on their smartphones. With the proviso that the new Galaxy S10, S10e Galaxy and Galaxy S10+ camera, and so themselves are very good, with the new ability to use the Google software with HDR, wide-angle images and shooting in low light conditions, in theory, the quality of the photo should reach a new level.

Compare the software from Google and Samsung

Top photo – soft for Samsung, bottom photo – Google Camera

In fairness it should be noted that to determine which the better – one that made using Google software or the one without it is quite difficult, if even possible. This is because the result that you see in the photo, someone else will satisfy, and some don’t – it’s a matter of taste.

Top photo – soft for Samsung, bottom photo – Google Camera

Although HDR and shooting in low light conditions from Google on the quality of images superior to similar solutions built into the shell Samsung, the accuracy of the latter will still be better. As regards the mode of background blur (bokeh), the standard software Samsung copes much better, but only in good light. With Night Sight from Google will be able to capture details that are lost in the photo from Samsung.

Top photo – soft for Samsung, bottom photo – Google Camera

Google, apparently, leans more towards the cool shades and some of the pictures give a bit blue. On the other hand, the portraits, the skin looks much structured and has a more natural tone due to the lack of classic for Samsung pack-a-punch, which strives to make each mannequin or doll.

Left photo – soft for Samsung photo right – the Google Camera

At this stage it is difficult to say which of the two softwares is better, but this just yet because the current app is only the first version, so it will be even better. Waiting for app updates and hope that the guys from XDA does not disappoint.

There is still one problem lies in the fact that in all the world except the United States, sold the new Galaxy S on the chipset Exynos, and the software Google designed for the work on the chipset Qualcomm.

How to install on your Galaxy S camera Google

As mentioned above, to install software from Google need Galaxy S on the Snapdragon processor, and the smartphone must be running the most recent update of the Android operating system. About this update we told you about in a separate material, and it must be set to activate a wide-angle camera.

  1. Download the latest version of Google Camera on the link.
  2. Install the downloaded APK file on your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e Samsung Galaxy or Samsung Galaxy S10+.
  3. Download the settings file for the link.
  4. Place the settings file in the root directory (/Internal Storage/GCam/Configs/).
  5. Launch the app and tap twice on the black area next to the shutter button.
  6. Select s10csMar2.xml
  7. Click “Restore” (Restore)

Now you can enjoy the famous camera Google on its no less famous Samsung Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10+ or Galaxy S10e!

Has already tested the Google camera on your Galaxy S? How do you like it?

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