How to make the sound headphones Apple AirPods higher, or fix any other problem related to health

You may face some users headphones Apple AirPods health problems, or even a note twice the size of the images. Here are how to increase the sound level in the sky, as well as fix any other problems health.

How to change the volume level in the headphones Apple AirPods

First, if your iPhone nearby, you can simply use the volume control on the phone also – the volume buttons on the phone directly impact on the level of sound through the AirPods.

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Instead of building the controls in the sound level in the AirPods itself, the Apple delegate this task to Siri. Here’s how to control the level of AirPods:

  • If you have the first generation of AirPods, double-click on any of the heavens to summon Siri Siri and then ask Siri to adjust the sound level.
  • If you have the second generation of earphones AirPods, just say “Hey Siri” and then ask Siri to adjust the sound level.

You can tell Siri to “increase sound volume”, which increases the size of the images, in increments of approximately 12%. You can also tell Siri to increase the size by a specific percentage, or a specific percentage (in the “Hey Siri, say “turn up the volume by 20%”, or” Hey Siri” “turn up the volume to 80%”). Be careful of Tell Siri raise the volume to a specific percentage, where it can arrange the degree of sound uncomfortably once.

جعل صوت سماعات آبل AirPods أعلى

What to do if you are not sound in the heavens high enough

If you don’t the images in the AirPods your high enough to suit you, there may be some tricks that you can try out to output audio to a higher degree – this is especially true if the volume levels of the previously higher, but newly became a sound level less.

Clean the headphones AirPods your

There a painful fact, namely that human ears contain a waxy substance, and anything that tends to put him frequently in your ears, such as earphones, will meet by the ear wax. It doesn’t take a lot of wax to provide maximum size for AirPods significantly.

When you clean the headphones AirPods your own, it is very important not to use anything wet or damp – do not make the heavens and the retina never dampened. Also, do not use sharp teeth or the like to clean them, as this may cause damage to it.

جعل صوت سماعات آبل AirPods أعلى

Instead, use a cotton swab or dry toothbrush with soft felt to remove any wax or any other impurities from the speaker network.

Calibration headphones AirPods with your iPhone

Likely to hear the AirPods iPhone need to calibrate – it may be for the two different understanding of what it means “full size images”.

  1. Put headphones in your ears and start playing music.
  2. Using the volume buttons on the iPhone, reduce the volume level of the iPhone fully. You must not allow anything in the AirPods now.

  3. Call up the control panel and press the Bluetooth button to disable Bluetooth. Leave the AirPods in your ears.

  4. Start the music again, and use the volume buttons in the iPhone, and then reduce the volume to the last point.

  5. Reconnect the AirPods. Pull the control panel down and tap Bluetooth to turn it on again. You may also need to open the Application “Settings”, then click “Bluetooth”, then click on the “AirPods” to re-connect it.

  6. Turn on the music again, and adjust the volume as needed.

Check the settings of your audio application music

If the AirPods your extremely quiet when listening to music using the music application, it may be the settings for incorrect configuration. You can fix that in just a few clicks.

  1. Start the Settings app.
  2. Click on “music” Music.

  3. Be sure to adjust the EQ on the option Off. If On, click “EQ”, then click “Off”.

  4. Stay in the setting screen music, make sure you adjust the size limit of audio Volume Limit also on “Off”. If in operating mode, press it to put on the option Off.

جعل صوت سماعات آبل AirPods أعلى

Make sure that both of the two speakers the same size as the images

If one of the two speakers seem louder than the other, it could be the Accessibility settings on your iPhone to have led to off the volume level in the headset one. Here’s how to check it:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Click on the “General” General and press “Accessibility” Accessibility.

  3. In the Department of Hearing Hearing, make sure that the slider to left / right balanced with the availability of the button in the middle. If slid to the left or right, send it back to the center.

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