How to make your Android phone safe for kids

Today the smartphone is the obvious primary measure for many children, so that they spend the most time with the phone, especially a phone the father or the mother. But there is a risk of happening in Horizon when using the phone by children, to avoid this risk must be secured this phone while using the children do not. Therefore, you’ll be in this article on how to make your Android phone safe for children.

Some kids say some errors while using Android phone, and maybe that affects how the privacy of your data in your phone, this is very possible because children are not fully aware of how to talk on the phone. Therefore, in order to spare ourselves of this awkwardness of which it is possible to stop as a result of the wrong usage of the phone it is necessary to provide all means of safety and security for children in order to use our phones.

You can identify the most important ways that make our phone a smartphone running Android, the focus of safety for our children we must also copy them in to increase the protection of our information from the registry in a successful and proven.

How to make Android safe for kids

We all have children in the house and they use our smartphone in order to enjoy it and spend some time possible, and that is why you should follow the instructions below to identify yourself and your child from using the phone by them incorrectly.

Use the feature of guest mode

Previously we presented in an earlier list of applications that enables users to activate the feature guest mode, as there are some apps that are available on this property without install apps. You feature the guest mode to give the user or the child screen phone new only contain applications that we want to let him use her. This will control your children and allow them to use specific apps without access to any other apps in the phone.

Apps provide feature guest mode

Stop purchases from the Google Play Store

خاصية وضع الضيف

Available in the Google Play Store many apps for children, it is what is paid and what is free. In some cases, the wish of these children to install a lot of applications that concern them, nor care too much if this app is paid or free. But maybe installed a lot of paid apps cause it to empty your credit card tied Store Google Play of money and that is why I must stop this before you get in trouble you’re in is essential.

Enable Do not install applications unknown

جعل الهاتف آمن للأطفال- ايقاف تثبيت التطبيقات

Some hackers use the kids phones running Android, some of them turn to design games attractive to children and at the same time integrating them with viruses that lead to penetrate the device and destroy it. It is therefore necessary to uninstall applications that are not well-known through the settings on the Android phone, in order to protect ourselves from those ways malicious hackers. Don’t underestimate this step because of the most important steps that you must do if you wish to deliver your phone to your kids.

Install the application to lock files and applications

جعل الهاتف آمن للأطفال- تثبيت تطبيق القفل

Depends install the application lock Applock is one of the most important ways in which book on children’s access to certain applications, files, and out, and maybe destroy all data and settings in those apps. And that’s why is advised to install one of the apps to lock and then lock the apps and files that we want and we leave for our children and the council to use some of their own apps which we want them allowed to use it.

The best lock apps for Android

Install apps useful games for children in the phone

جعل الهاتف آمن للأطفال- تطبيقات ألعاب

I’m most looking for children and spend most of their time is play games on the phone, as well as watching the YouTube channel for children. You can install some useful games to them which is working on the development of their abilities as well as install the educational apps that can be through exploitation the phone properly for the children and make them look more distinctive while using the phone. There are many apps and games in the Google Play Store which you can install in the phone with ease and let the kids play.

Featured apps for kids

Use the apps to monitor kids in Android phone

جعل الهاتف آمن للأطفال- تطبيقات ألعاب

A World phone is a double edged sword, some of them exploit the phone in useful applications, and on the other side there are some applications and inappropriate for children, which should be on each parent to monitor the phone of your children to spare them those apps useless. This is a very important step and ensures us to grow up our children under our noses and watching us. You can install the Google Family Link for parents which allows you to customize the environment that will be used by the children, phone the form in which you want.

Apps to monitor kids phone



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