How to make your Android smartphone to work as quickly as after purchase

Over time, any smartphone starts working slower. Of course, the cause may be viruses or other malware. But even if we follow their gadgets, the deterioration of the work sooner or later might occur. In this case, it is not necessary to run to the app store and download different “cleaners” and “optimizers”. It is possible to do on their own and to get the phone to work as quickly as that moment when you just pulled it out of the box.

To “upgrade” your old device to get started, try to make a few simple manipulations. And then your “old man” shows that he is still capable of many things.

Remove unnecessary apps

These applications can be, including pre-installed. Some of them have already lost their relevance and could be removed. They take place as the built-in store, on the apps screen. In addition to the clutter, they also can degrade search indexing, making it slower. You can see what programs you use the least, and can use special tools. For Example, Google Files Utility. It will show which applications are not used more than 4 weeks and will provide a list, through which all useless programs can be removed.

Watch out for apps that drain your battery. Especially in the background

Many of the programs, so to speak, “I work even when not working”, tracking the geolocation or other parameters. Search for “offenders” there are a few options. For example, in settings battery to see how much “eats away” the energy of the program. And if some app you did not use, but it consumed the battery (and hence the system resources) — you are on the right track. You can also go to the “Network and Internet” and in this way to monitor outgoing and incoming traffic.

Get rid of annoying notifications

Push notifications are very convenient, but they greatly affect performance. Most applications provide you with alerts that aren’t even needed. Besides, they are also distracting. Leave only the most important kind of mail, messages, some social networks and messengers. The rest can safely disable it. You’ll see an icon on the app’s icon when you unlock the device.

Clear file storage

Most smartphones today come with 32 gigabytes of memory and more, with the exception of some budget phones that still carry on Board 16 GB. In addition, many smartphones have synchronization with cloud storage. That’s where something and can send most files. For example, there you can upload your photos. For this fit the most different services like Google Photos, DropBox, or OneDrive. With them, your phone will have more space, and photos are always at hand.

Use “light” versions of applications

Many programs like Facebook and Twitter have the Lite version. For old phones is a real salvation. They are much smaller boot, although look not so “advanced” as their older brothers. But all the necessary functions in them. What else do you need?

Check the settings of the animation

Animation transitions and opening apps is very nice, but they are not sickly used system resources. Limiting some functions of the animations you’ll be surprised how much faster will open and run the program.

And what you can do to optimize you know? Share in the comments on the site and in our chat in Telegram.

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