How to make your home a little smarter

Homes are different — from one-bedroom apartments on the outskirts of town to the mansion with a gardener and a Butler. But in fact, and in another case, property owners often think about “upgrading” their homes through a variety of tech accessories. And if in private houses for the filling of the house of technology in charge of a special organization, a small area can easily make “smart”, even with a small budget.


You should start with something simple — for example, the door sensor or water leak from RUBETEK. They are inexpensive — from 700 to 1 500 rubles. In the first case, you will always know about the visit of guests (including unwanted), and the second not flood the neighbors below, swiftly to a pipe break. The sensors operate without wires and support mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

Those who thought about creating a smart home, you know what these sensors do not work without a special control center. RUBETEK also offers the choice to purchase a Central hub or connect the sensors to the smart Wi-Fi camera or Wi-Fi outlet.

No matter how rich was the set of sensors in the house, the presence of surveillance cameras is still useful (at least outside owner). Of the inexpensive solutions, you can view the camera from TP-LINK, REDMOND or EZVIZ — they all work with the easy applications and have built-in motion sensors that will notify about it with a notification to your smartphone.

If it’s hot

Remotely monitor temperature and humidity from your phone also can do a special sensor. It is possible not only to learn, hot or cold in the apartment, but also to create scenarios in the system RUBETEK. For example, if a sensor detects a rise in temperature, turns on smart socket, where the air conditioning.

Smoke sensor will inform you about the fire a notification to your smartphone, and will also include an audible alarm — if the fire happens at night. It is at an early stage will help to prevent a fire and save your property. The device can be locked, for example, on the ceiling, so as to work it does not need wires — only Wi-Fi and battery.

Smart sockets

Also one of the important elements in the creation of smart homes. Smart socket allows you to control any appliances and lighting remotely to program and schedule work and monitor safe use of equipment. For example, every morning, the socket itself can turn on you kettle or coffee machine. Or you can set the settings so that the lamp in the bedroom in the morning turn on automatically, and the heater, fan or humidifier periodically included throughout the day.

Manufacturers of smart outlets is now very much — is how inexpensive the solution from Redmond, and from TP-Link. The more expensive socket, the wider functionality — for example, TP-Link HS110 has the function of measuring energy consumption.

The possibilities of smart home can be used for entertainment. So, the smart bulb can be included in any compatible base, then choose its color from the many available in the mobile app. For the Friday party — the most it!

You can take a set

If you don’t want to bother with the purchase of each sensor separately, it is better to purchase from a set, which consists of several sensors and the control center. Such is the RUBETEK (security and protection), and Redmond — are approximately the same and differ only in the set of sensors.

Of course this is just an example of how with a little material and labor costs to make your home a little smarter. The next step will certainly be opening Windows and blinds from your smartphone, as well as the control of lighting throughout the house. But here you will need to shell out.

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