How to master speaking English and a lot of languages program HelloTalk 2018

The application of HelloTalk the largest exchange network e

Constantly looking users ways to learn the English language or Turkish language or any other language to develop ourselves , but most of the apps or sites that help you learn the language like Duolingo don’t care about the topic of listening and speaking enough , now I will offer you the program HelloTalk is the best network for language exchange to learn languages and practice them in a practical and funky , through chat and conversations and the exchange of dialogue with the different languages .

Read this topic from our site how technique to learn on the way to mastering and learning the language and the innovative through download program HelloTalk for Android and learn how to use it in learning a new language from scratch .

About the programme of language exchange HelloTalk

تحميل تطبيق Hello Talk
Download app Hello Talk

Application Hello Talk submitted by HelloTalk Learn Languages App is the app of the world number one to enable you to exchange languages via social media around the world and is considered the first implementation also in language learning and make the task of learning fun and intuitive, the app will allow you to learn more than 100 languages around the world via the conversation that takes place between you and your friends from different parts of the world .

Depends application the Hello Talk app is the first Globally to enable you to exchange languages via social media around the world and learn new languages , and is considered the first implementation also in language learning and make the task of learning fun and intuitive more without the conventional methods existing in most of the sand out of language learning .

This app will allow you to learn more than 100 languages around the world via the conversation that takes place between you and your friends from different parts of the world who, in turn, will be they are your teachers. through the exchange of dialogue and learning their language, teaching them your language you will be without your info they also this depends on the extent of your experience and help you all you need to learn the language that you want after you have selected is to stay in touch with who they are speaking their native.

The best way to learn a language and speak it.

Includes application Hello Talk more than a hundred languages, among them English, French, German, and Spanish; where up on a lot of fellows and other learners speaking different languages in all parts of the world; to be able to make use of them in learning the language he wants, as he can provide them with assistance, and can also hold lasting friendships with them.

افضل وسيلة لاتقان اللغة هي ممارستها و التحدث مع اهلها من خلال تحميل تطبيق Hello Talk
The best way to master a language is to practice it and speak with her parents through the Application download Hello Talk

Left the app different ways to teach the language, they can the learner convert messages to fellow voice which does not understand to the text of my book can read it, and vice versa; where can listen to the correct pronunciation of all words and letters so that you don’t know the correct pronunciation by practice. The app also offers automatic translation between different languages, as well as correcting grammar and proofreading for words or sentences, in addition to the possibility of holding video calls free high quality between learners.

If you’re interested in learning the Turkish language in particular, you can learn it from scratch : download the program to learn the Turkish language for beginners TurkMek Android and iPhone education

Create an account in the application of HelloTalk to chat in different languages

Step create an account in the application of HelloTalk we’re talking about the exchange of language, considered the first step after you download and install the app on your phone through the links below .

انشاء حساب في Hellotalk
Create an account in the Hellotalk

The process of registration or subscription simple by clicking on sign up in fact look procedure of registration you can choose to register using your account in Facebook or your e-mail , as it is in the picture must be the procedure of creating an account to link with your Facebook account .

Then be asked to enter your password and your date of birth and personal photo for you to supplement your account data .

متطلبات التسجيل في Hello talk
The requirements for registration in the Hello talk

Then you select your country and native language and the language you want to learn through this program , and also determine your level .

After that you have to search for a specific person to learn from or choose randomly where the app will know you the people elected you and who have language or the same language you wish to learn and want to learn the language of it for you and therefore the process will be mutually exclusive in education from person to person .

الشركاء المقترحين في تطبيق Hello Talk
The partners proposed in the application Hello Talk

The application is not limited to learning, chatting and conversations and voice messages too. you can through the moments in which you can post pictures and posts in any language you want to include your friends and learn new cultures .

Moments Hello Talk
Moments Hello Talk

How you will benefit from the application of the HelloTalk is?

Learning a new language is the mother tongue of our Arabic language has become in this era is essential and provides opportunities for you to volunteer on practical and social, especially when mastering a challenge, and English language skills you will be able to travel to any country, and you are sure you will be able to communicate with its members also help you in getting the chance to work more recognizable and open to the outside world , too, we have to learn new languages constantly to learn new about new technologies that come Our of the West , and call on the largest possible number of different cultures .

Apply Hello Talk will allow you to that and very easy it is through him you will learn more than 100 languages around the world, and you can also connect with friends Facebook who don’t know Arabic, but you have to learn how you can take advantage of the features of this app .

The app provides tools for interactive between users and even makes them become the teachers for themselves and mastered to speak the language once they talk with each other which will make you distinct of communicate with various inhabitants of the world learn their native language at once, regardless of you will be able to teach them the Arabic language also .

Therefore, to reach the stage required, or the degree to which enables you to speak fluently you must comply in using the app because it is not the first time you practice it seriously and the organization, because any language in the world to learn mastery and fluency you need practice and patience .

Application Hello Talk not only teach you the skills of listening and conversation, but also lets you use writing the script and translating what is hard to understand from the other person and you can use the translation in text or voice, too, which you can translate what you draw by clicking on the reference soil next to the conversation to give you the appropriate translation that you sent .

ترجمة الرسالة قبل ارسالها - Hello talk
The translation of the message before send – Hello talk

Or you can translate the message sent to him by pressing them at length and choose the code translation options that will appear on the screen .

ميزة ترجمة الرسائل
Feature-translate messages

And you can of mastering the rules of language properly, and that’s what makes it special between the application of learning and exchange of languages in the world it allows users to management to correct the grammar acoustically, linguistically, the list for the favorite or that facilitate you to talk in that language, and the other which maybe you’ll have more users to develop Hello Talk is a possibility to talk to anyone friends when you need it simply .

Link to download the application to exchange languages HelloTalk for Android and iPhone

Download link for Android

Download link for iPhone


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